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SPOILER Love Rain’s _____ ending + Happy Birthday to YoonA


Popular drama series KBS2TV‘s ‘Love Rain‘ aired it’s final episode on May 29th.

On May 29th, the final episode for KBS 2TV ‘Love Rain’ featured the long-awaited wedding of Jun and Hana, finishing off the story with a fairy-tale happy ending.

Prior to this lovely ending, Hana, played by YoonA, decided to leave to the United States, following her sick mother. She told Tae Sung, “It’s a situation that would help if I left” revealing her set decision to go overseas. When Tae Sung asked if Suh Jun, played by Jang Geun Suk, would be okay with this, Hana answered, “It’s because of him that I am going overseas. He is probably in a difficult situation.”

However, as soon as Hana made her decision to leave Suh Jun, Jun made a proposal that Hana could not refuse. After receiving a message from Jun that stated, “Come down to the garden“, Hana saw a screen with a picture that revealed Jun’s true feelings towards Hana.

Jun first asked, “I want to see you changing, us changing together. What do you think?“, then whispered the three words of a proposal, “Will you marry me?“.

And without a word, Hana nodded with tears in her eyes, touched by Jun’s proposal. With that, another popular drama series dropped its’ curtain with an ending that everyone anticipated.

In addition, the two elderly couple of the drama also had their own version of a happy ending as Inha left overseas to see Younhee get her surgery and continued to stay besides her as a friend.

Additionally, YoonA’s birthday is on May 30th (KST) and turns 23 in Korea. Happy Birthday!

Source & Image: Newsen via Nate

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Seo In Guk releases “Fate (Like a Fool)” for Love Rain OST


Singer Seo In Guk successfully transitioned into an actor while starring in the popular drama, ‘Love Rain‘. He is currently garnering much praise for his unexpected composing skills.

Not only does he act in the drama, but the talented singer also wrote “Fate (Like a Fool)“, a track that was released on May 29th as part of Love Rain’s OST Part 2.

“Fate” is a ballad song that accentuates Seo In Guk’s unique vocals which fits right in line with the plot of the drama.

In related news, Seo In Guk has been cast in tvN‘s upcoming drama series ‘Respond 1997‘ and is currently in the process of filming.

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Seo In Guk garners attention for composing the track “Fate” for drama ‘Love Rain’


Singer Seo In Guk successfully transitioned into an actor while starring in the popular drama, ‘Love Rain‘. He is currently garnering much praise for his unexpected composing skills.

Not only does he act in the drama, but it’s been revealed that the talented singer wrote “Fate“, a track that will be a part of the drama’s OST (soundtrack).

Seo In Guk recently tweeted, “Daebak story! My first produced song “Fate” is going to be a part of the ‘Love Rain’ OST. It might be playing during the drama so don’t miss it. I’m nervous too,” while expressing his excitement for his self composed song.

“Fate” is a ballad song that accentuates Seo In Guk’s unique vocals which fits right in line with the plot of the drama. The track will be released on May 29th, the same date as the final broadcast for ‘Love Rain’.

In related news, Seo In Guk has been cast in tvN‘s upcoming drama series ‘Respond 1997‘ and is currently in the process of filming.

Watch Seo In Guk singing “Fate” on ‘Love Rain’ below.

Source & Image: Osen

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RELIVE IT: MBC ‘Korean Music Wave in Google’ takes the Bay Area by storm


On May 21st, 2012 MBC and Google set out to make history at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California with Korean Music Wave in Google‘. The two forces joined together for an unforgettable concert that drew in a crowd of over 25,000 made up of casual K-pop listeners to fanatics, and even some who experienced the phenomena for the first time that night. The event was also streamed live through YouTube all over the world making this the most globally watched K-pop concert in history.

With the announcement of the concert being made public with free admission, fans bookmarked the ticket distribution site, cleared out their schedules for the weekend, as well as setting multiple alarms for May 12th 7:00 PM PST in preparation of the tickets going live. Although the notice was short, fans’ readiness was demonstrated by the crash of Powerhouse‘s page even before the site went live and tickets ran out within an hour despite the constant server errors.

With the exception of Google employees and MBC staff, who had VIP tickets, everyone else who managed to get an email voucher or ticket had no choice but to camp out or park themselves in line at the wee hours of the morning in order to secure seats up close near the action, or else face the massive lines that later went so far beyond that the end of the line was not even visible.


At 5:00 PM PST, the gates opened up and fans rushed forward pushing, shoving, and nudging one another, losing a shoe in the process, falling over barriers, and surprising the ticket checkers, who seemed quite overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of K-Pop fans.

After a fight to secure the best seats possible, fans waited patiently for another two hours before the vice president of MBC and the head of entertainment from YouTube stepped out to officially open up the ceremony. After the initial words, the display changed to a countdown announcing the beginning of the concert. Energy was high and excited screams filled the air. Despite the 12+ hours of waiting for many, it was surprising to see how much energy the audience was able to muster up to cheer for the opening of the concert.

To kick off the concert was KARA with their highly popular track, “Step“. The crowd went wild as the girls showcased a perfect live performance in adorable, white outfits followed by a short talk session. Nicole, who grew up in the States, made the fans laugh as she stumbled over her own words and quickly blurted, “I’m so nervous!” The group then introduced the hosts for the night, who were none other than Girls’ Generation‘s very own Taeyeon and Tiffany.

Dressed to dazzle in a short red dress to compliment her vibrant hair, Tiffany charmed the audience with her fluent English, while Taeyeon shined with her smooth emceeing skills in an elegant orange gown. The girls drew much cheer from the crowd, and introduced the next act, which were the fine men of MBLAQ.


As the center screen/doors slid open, the members of MBLAQ emerged dressed to impress in sharply tailored, black and white suits. They launched right into their latest hit “This is War” much to the screams of A+ and the K-Pop lover filled audience. Fans could be heard singing along and their enthusiasm did not die down as the boys continued into their next song, “Y“. The members managed to somehow look unruffled and handsome as ever even while struggling to catch their breath as they concluded two powerful performances in a row. The group drew many ear piercing fangirl screams as they took the time to converse with the audience with Thunder introducing in English their next track in the line up, “Oh Yeah“.

As MBLAQ made their leave, SISTAR made their entrance in classy, yet subtly sexy black and gold outfits. Belting out “Alone“, they left fans mesmerized with their “crane leg dance” and flawless vocals. Up next was their trademark body wave choreography with their catchy track, “Ma Boy“, and along with it came the screams and shouts of male and female fans. It also seemed the Shoreline staff standing guard in the aisle nearby could not help but glance behind to sneak glimpses at the girls as he bumped along to the music. The girls then greeted the audience in their upbeat manner and Dasom flaunting a bit of English as fan service before they drove the crowd wild again with their hit track, “So Cool“.

f(x) came next with “Pinocchio (Danger)” and continued their performance with their hit track “Hot Summer“, ironically, as the weather started to get chilly. However for the moment, the girls left the audience oblivious to the temperature drop as they witnessed live the adorable choreography that had won their hearts through their computer and TV screens at home. The group shined during their talk session as Amber, feeling right at home having been raised in California, riled up the audience asking them to shout even louder and bringing laughter asking Krystal, another Californian, if she was “gonna go crazy”. Krystal responded with the classic, “duh!” much to the amusement of the audience. The group then launched into “NU ABO” to finish off their performance with a bang.

The audience was then treated to two special performances from Wonder GirlsSun and Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun. Sun put on a beautiful cover of Insooni‘s “Father” in remembrance of her late father and to express the importance of showing one’s appreciation and love for one’s father. Almost like it had been planned, the audience swayed their arms in unison as she sung the moving song. Seohyun was up next with a song of a completely different feel, covering Cherry Filter‘s “Flying Duck“. With her punk rock transformation complete with a pink guitar around her neck, Seohyun delivered an upbeat crowd pleaser.

To finish up the performance they started earlier, KARA was back with a change in outfit. The girls had the audience bobbing along to “Lupin“, before following up with the last track, “Mister“. As soon as the girls announced “Mister” as their next song, the crowd roared in approval and all eyes were on the girls as they performed their wildly popular “hip dance”. The song had even the uncle fans in the audience moving to the beat while also trying to steady their hands to capture every moment of the girls with their cameras and phones.

After a line up of several girl groups, B2ST brought back the male force as they stepped out in studded grey suits. It seemed the audience, at least the fan girls, were ready for some male presence, as the screams were deafening. To the crowd of thousands of screaming fans, the group put on performances of “Shock“, followed by the extremely popular, “Fiction. Banners and signs were waved in the air nonstop throughout the performances even as fans concentrated to absorb every lasting detail of their favorite member. The group then brought out “Beautiful“, which had the audience singing along to the familiar catchy tune.

Up next was another girl group who definitely had many on the verge of hyperventilation. Opening up their part of the show with “The Boys“, Girls’ Generation had the audience shouting “Girls’ Generation makes you feel the heat!” The same Shoreline staff member was back in the aisle again and it seemed he was also captivated by the power and beauty of the seven ladies in their sparkling outfits, as he seemed unable to take his eyes off of them. The girls then explained the absence of members YoonA and Yuri, who had to stay back due to their dramas, and adorably asked the crowd for their support as they were standing on stage as seven rather than nine. The audience drank it all up as they cheered on the girls with loud screams. Performing “Taxi“, followed by “Gee“, fans went nuts as they sang their hearts out and danced along.

The globally popular Wonder Girls continued the energy as they asked everyone, “Be My Baby“, showcasing an upbeat performance that had the audience chanting the chorus line. The girls then launched into an old favorite, “Tell Me“, which seemed to bring back memories for many K-pop fans who all shouted “Omona” right along with Sohee. The years spent in the U.S. were put to good use as the group showed excellent command of English as all the members were able to communicate with the audience fluently. Yenny even brought the whole venue on their feet as she taught them the famous choreography to their next song, “Nobody“. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as everyone sang along and followed along with the choreography.

Then came one of the biggest names in K-pop, Super Junior. The group definitely made an impression as they made the most dramatic entrance of the night. Some of the members emerged from the middle of the venue and walked past the fans as they made their way down the aisle onto the stage for an unforgettable performance of “Superman“. The group then launched into “Mr. Simple” before introducing themselves to the audience. Their introduction and greeting were definitely one of the most memorable of the night as the members energetically shouted, “We are Super JuniUH”. Leeteuk also had the crowd laughing as he asked “My name is..? My name is..?”, to which the crowd shouted back, “Leeteuk! Leeteuk!”, and he answered, “Wow, you’re genius!” The group then brought the house down with their final performance with the song that every K-pop lover knows – “Sorry Sorry“.

The prestigious last stage went to the group often referred to as the ”Gods of K-pop”, TVXQ. The duo lived up to their nickname as they left the audience awestruck with a fearsome performance of “Keep Your Head Down“. They then slowed things down and delivered spot on live vocals with “Before You Go“. Even out of breath, the two took the time to thank the fans who cheered them on so loudly. Yunho expressed that despite feeling a bit physically drained after traveling from Korea along with performing at LA prior to this performance, he was so energized by the crowd that he couldn’t help but give it his all. He and then Changmin pumped up the stage asking the crowd, “Are you ready?! Are you ready?!” before diving into the final performance of the night with “Rising Sun“.

They say that all good things must come to an end, and this concert was no exception as all the artists were brought out on the stage for the last time to bid farewell to the audience. Taeyeon and Tiffany closed off the unforgettable night with their final commentary, and Leeteuk reminded us about the message this concert hoped to bring as he eloquently stated, “Our languages and our appearances may be different, but we became united as one with music.” The groups then all lent their voices for the traditional Korean song, “Arirang“, and were also joined in by many audience members who also sang or hummed along, savoring the final moments of the night.


Photos: Edaily, JoyNews, Joins, MBC

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JJ Project discusses the various lessons they received as trainees under JYP Entertainment


JYP Entertainment‘s hot new rookie group JJ Project participated in an interview with Newsen where they briefly talked about their life as JYPE trainees. As many of you know by now, both JB and Jr. were chosen as the top winners from JYP’s 5th Auditions back in 2009, and the two ended up debuting together as a team.

JB said during the interview, “Up until now, I had a goal that I wanted to achieve so living as a trainee wasn’t so hard. The hardest thing was that I used to live very freely, but as a trainee, I had to adhere to lesson and practice schedules. It is obvious for this kind of career, but i think it was hard because I lived very freely prior to.

Jr. added, “Because I am the youngest out of three, I was always extremely loved, so living away from my family was very difficult and lonely. I didn’t have many friends in Seoul so I only went back and forth between the office and school everyday.

As everyone already knows, JYPE is famous for emphasizing the importance of education. Not only do they receive lessons in singing and dancing, their trainees and artists receive special lessons in language, reading, and even sex education. J.Y. Park himself recently made an appearance on SBSHealing Camp‘ and stated, “There’s a mandatory reading list for the kids. I made Rain read and scrap newspaper everyday. If their grades are low, they become disqualified as trainees.”

J.Y. Park also said that the trainees receive sex education, and JB and Jr. were no exception. JB stated, “When people hear sex education, they think of weird things, but a professional instructor comes in and gives us a very legitimate lecture”. He also added, “We receive sex ed about once or twice a year.

Not only do the trainees receive sex education, they also receive mental and psychological care so that they can be prepared for different situations that they may face during their careers as celebrities. JB said, “It helped me a lot during my trainee days. I learned to have control over my mind in any kind of situation.

Although the trainees may seem like they are being chained to the office, Jr. stated otherwise. He commented, “Time management, practice times, and other general things are very structured, but they do not impose in our personal lives. I liked that they gave us space.

Jr. also added, “If I tell them that I have something that I want to learn, they teach me. They care a lot about their artists.

Source & Photo: Newsen & JJ Project official Twitter

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Which male celebrity has the sexiest collarbone?


Many female stars love to show off their defined collarbones by wearing revealing outfits. However, a handful of male celebrities also have nicely outlined clavicles that haven’t been getting enough attention.

World star Rain, JYJ‘s Park Yoochun, Big Bang‘s G-Dragon, Lee Min Ho, and B.A.P‘s Bang Yong Guk have been battling it out on a recent online community portal site for the best, sexiest collarbone.

On May 22nd, a user uploaded a post titled, “Which male celebrity has the sexiest collarbone?” onto a community portal site, drawing the attention of many fellow netizens and bound to melt the hearts of fans everywhere.

Photos of one of the five hottest celebrities were uploaded onto the post, each with captions underneath that read: “G-Dragon, owner of sexy collarbones“, “Boys Over Flowers‘ Lee Minho is not only handsome“, “Perfect in every aspect, Rain“, “Park Yoochun has the collarbone every female wants“, and “Bang Yong Guk’s sexy cross-shaped collabone“.

The post has been spreading rapidly on the internet, garnering over 100,000 views in less than 12 hours since its upload and earning the title as the “best post” on the portal site.

Netizens that came across the photo each tossed in a vote by leaving comments such as, “I want to swim in G-Dragon’s collarbone“, “Rain is perfect in everything“, “Bang Yong Guk. His rap is daebak and so is his collarbone“, “I vote for Lee Min Ho“, and more.

Tell us who you vote for in the comments section below!


Source & Image: eToday via Nate

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TEEN TOP’s “To You” MV teaser out!


TEEN TOP has just released the first music video teaser for “To You” from their upcoming mini-album ‘Artist‘!

The teaser was posted on their official YouTube channel with the description “Jealous version (Love is Fight)”, and features L.Joe and Chunji in a face off over a mysterious girl. The end of the clip displays the date “20120530″, referring to the release date of ‘Artist’ on May 30 KST.

Watch the teaser for “To You” below, and check allkpop for updates.

Tip: Raine

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TV Daily interviews rising rookie group JJ Project


After making a strong debut on Dream High 2 and with their debut album, ‘BOUNCE‘, JJ Project is jam-packed with skills acquired through JYPE’s long practice hours and rigorous training.

JB (Lim Jae Beom, 19), and Jr. (Park Jin Young, 19) were the winners of the 5th JYPE Audition back in 2009. But with their skills and idol-like images, the duo were already being recognized and garnered a tight fan-base even before their debut.


Jr., the younger one of the group commented,”In 2009, during summer break, we auditioned for the 5th JYPE Audition. Me and JB hyung auditioned together and placed 1st. And from then, hyung and I officially started getting trained and working as singers.”

Even as a rookie, Jr. showed phenomenal acting skills in Dream High 2, playing a lovable character with a southern Korean accent. In addition, his dancing skills caught the public’s eye during Dream High 2. Even After School‘s dancing machine leader, Kahi, admitted that she fell in love with Jr.’s dancing.

JB, the older of the group said, “[Since the audition,] we took language and dancing lessons for 2 years. We’re learning Japanese and Chinese, but I don’t think we are up to a high level yet. I think we need to work on it a bit more since the words are so foreign to us.”


From the start, JB and Jr. bears the burden of having the same names as the legendary singer, Lim Jae Beom, and a singer-producer, Park Jin Young. And because of that, the public are expecting great things to happen in the near future.

There is no meaning behind it. Our real names are Park Jin Young and Lim Jae Beom. But since we are rookies, we won’t have our own original colors. So we just combined our first initials, J and J,” JB said.

Jr. added, “You can think of us as like a continuously evolving project team rather than a unit team. Being given the same names as legends can be considered as a fate or homework. We have to work harder if we want to live up to the name. It’s intimidating, but I want to grow and become like J.Y. Park and Lim Jae Beom.

JB revealed that many successful artistis and groups of JYPE were the biggest supporters and promoters for the JJ Project. Not only did CEO JYP give advice, but artists such as Se7en*, 2PM, 2AM, MissA, and Wonder Girls passed on their share of experience and knowledge to the rookie duo.

He commented, “The seniors taught us a lot. As singers, and even as life mentors, they gave us a lot of advices. I think 2PM’s Junho hyung and Taekyeon hyung worries the most. So I think we have to work harder

Watch JJ Project at 5th JYPE Audition:

For more updates on JJ Projects, tune into Allkpop!

Source & Photo: Nate

*Note, Se7en is signed to YG Entertainment, not JYP Entertainment.

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Lee Joon melts hearts with his photoset for ‘I Need a Fairy’


MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon melted the hearts of viewers and fans when a set of photos were revealed for the upcoming episodes of the sitcom ‘I Need a Fairy‘.

Lee Joon plays the role of a tough senior trainee within fictional agency 2H Entertainment. However, he falls in love at first sight with Hwang Woo Seul Hye‘s character, Chae Hwa, and tries to win her heart with his charms.

The idol reveals a set of three different charms in the photos. In the first, Lee Joon shows a warm, gentle smile, while in the second photo, he is using his aegyo to try and capture Chae Hwa’s heart. In the final photo, Lee Joon shows his tougher side, abruptly grabbing Chae Hwa’s arms.

Netizens commented, “Lee Joon’s so charming,” “Lee Joon is so funny,” and “His smile is so pretty.

Source + Image: Chosun via Naver

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