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2PM’s Nichkhun covers Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are”


2PM‘s Nichkhun put on a special solo performance at the group’s recent ‘SIX BEAUTIFUL DAYS‘ concert held at the Budokan in Japan.

Nichkhun covered Bruno Mars‘ hit song, “Just The Way You Are“.

Displaying his piano-playing talent and singing the sweet lyrics in fluent English, Nichkhun effectively captured the hearts of the audience members who responded to his performance with explosive cheers.

Check out the fan cam of his performance below!

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Check out 2PM’s Taecyeon performance of his self-composed track, “After you Left Me”


Back on May 25th, 2PM‘s Taecyeon tweeted, “Hello everyone, how did you like the songs that I wrote? ‘Kiss‘ and ‘After you Left Me‘?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I sang my first songs that I wrote on stage for the very first time. As I promised, I will upload them on the official cafe if these songs aren’t released as a digital single or on an album.

He performed the track “After You Left Me” at the Six Beautiful Days concert in Japan and it was captured on fancam. It seems the song has a feature from Wonder Girls member Yenny and he performed the track admirably even though his arm was in a cast.

Fans who saw the video commented, “You’re So Cool“, “I Love You Taecyeon“, and “This song is awesome“.

Source: Daum TV + Taecyeon’s Twitter
Tip: Kim

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Eye Candy: Male “Baby Face” Edition


In the K-pop industry, whether they resort to make-up or even taking extreme measures, celebrities go left and right searching for that magical formula to preserve their youth. But as unfair as it may seem, some idols seem to be just gifted with naturally baby-like features.

From their puffy cheeks to milky complexions, these baby-faced idols captures our hearts with just a glance. The side effects of their irresistibly adorable aesthetics may be: heavy breathing, squealing like little girls, and sudden rush of blood through your face.

Without further ado, here are some idols (not listed in any particular order) who made it to the top of the list in our baby face edition of Eye Candy!


This feature may cause severe loss of blood and may cause you to squeal like a little girl. So proceed with caution!


Kim Min Suk · Super Star K, Shut Up! Flower Boy Band (22)

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk (28)

TVXQ‘s Changmin (24)

Big Bang
‘s G-Dragon (24)

B2ST‘s Yoseob (22)

FT Island‘s Hongki (22)


‘s Taemin (18)


2PM‘s Nichkhun (24)

Tony An

BtoB‘s Minhyuk (22)

Who are your favorite male baby-faced idols? Share your top picks in the comments section below!

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RELIVE IT: Jay Park hosts Meet & Greet events in New York & San Francisco


There’s no question that Jay Park has legions of supporters around the globe, and as part of his national ‘Verizon APAHM Tour‘ this year, fans received the chance to talk to the star at Meet & Greet events across the nation.

allkpop had the opportunity to join Jay on his adventure in New York and San Francisco. Seeing the fan support at each stop was nothing short of impressive.

From chatting with people in line, it was clear that many attendees had waited a long time and traveled far to meet Jay in person. ”I’ve been a fan of Jay since his 2PM days, so I’ve wanted to meet him for three years,” one girl shared. Two others explained, “We came from San Jose which is about an hour away. It took forever to convince someone to drive us here.

Fans waiting outside made their enthusiasm clear with fansigns and ‘Jay Park’ tees. Occasionally, the excited chatter would crescendo into unified chants and screaming.

As we were waiting indoors, Jay confided to me, “Whenever they chant my name like this, I never know what I’m supposed to do!” He proceeded to dance and pop & lock, sparking even more screams from fans pressed against the store’s glass windows.

Soon, the doors opened and fans began filtering in under the close eye of security guards and door staff. Indoors, Jay Park was waiting behind a table with a silver Sharpie in hand and an amicable grin on his face. One by one, fans stepped behind the table to receive a signed ‘Verizon APAHM Tour’ poster, a handshake and a photo.


Although staff had underestimated the turnout for both events (in New York, the team had prepared for 500 guests and were met with over 700), Jay even took time to make small talk and sign merchandise that fans had snuck in. ”We’re not sure when the event will end because Jay wants to meet everybody waiting in line,” one of his representatives explained. “That’s just his nature.”

Sure enough, Jay was all smiles throughout the afternoon, opening his arms for hugs and posing with hand hearts in photos whenever requested. When the staff ran out of gift posters, Jay posed with the attendees in front of the Verizon step-and-repeat backdrop instead, chatting with fans and thanking them for coming out.


At one point, one fangirl landed a surprise kiss on Jay’s cheek, to which he raised his eyebrows and exclaimed, “Oh wow!…” When the fan right after her did the same thing, Jay turned to his friend from Art of Movement standing nearby, joking, “Hey, I thought you were supposed to be my bodyguard or something!

Upon walking outside after the Meet & Greet, many ecstatic girls let loose their jitters, screaming and admiring their freshly autographed posters. One fangirl in New York gasped, “The pain of waiting outside for his concert and this Meet and Greet has been worth it. I can’t even breathe right now!!

Following the NYC event, Jay was rushed out of the store into an allkpop staff member’s car to be brought to the 6Theory office for an exclusive interview. Stay tuned for further coverage of the ‘Verizon APAHM Tour’ this week!

Photography & coverage by: Jenny Tszeng


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2AM’s Seulong picks his top 5 films about the world of men


2AM became popular with hit tracks like “This Song” and ”I Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die“, but the group had to overcome many obstacles while actively promoting their music, appearing on variety shows, and pursuing acting. Now in his 20s, member Seulong shared his thoughts on his life and career as an idol star and vocalist in a recent interview. Seulong also picked his favorite films about the world of men and the struggles they go through.

2AM Seulong’s top 5 movies are as follows:


1. ‘The Godfather’ (1977)

“No words can describe this film. I was captivated by the actors Marlon Brando and Al Pacino while watching the film. Although their acting was superb, I was more touched by the sad story line of the struggles of the men in that generation. I can’t imagine the thinking process that had to go into acting for this film.”


2. ‘Cinderella Man‘ (2005)

“This is the story of a man who had to carry heavy burdens. The film takes place during The Great Depression when the main character needed to make money to feed his family, but all he knew how to do was box. Although he gets hit countless times, he was determined to stay alive in the ring, and this story really touched me.”


3. ‘Grown Ups‘ (2010)

“I love comedy films that Adam Sandler features in. Although this movie seems like it was just made to make people laugh, there is a great moral to the story. It’s about men who grow older in age but have not matured in heart, and also brings up the value of one’s family.”


4. ‘J. Edgar‘ (2011)

“Because this movie was not released in South Korea, I watched it not too long ago on DVD. I love that Leonardo DiCaprio starred in this film. I like the way he is now a mature, middle-aged man rather than when he was known for being a younger, pretty boy. The movie has a lot of points in its story to look back on.”


5. ‘A Bittersweet Life‘ (2005)

“This features my favorite director and acting subaenims all in one film. I think the synergy of Director Kim Ji Yoon and Actor Lee Byung Hun is the best. I also like their film, ‘I Saw the Devil’. Every time I watch this film, I learn a lot from it.”

Seulong commented, “Before our recent album came out, I was able to have an important period of time to think and organize my thoughts. I was able to express the feelings I wanted for this album. Even though I don’t reveal much on the outside, I get very concerned about things on the inside. I try to be patient and pretend like everything is okay for the sake of others. Honestly, it’s harder as you get older to freely throw tantrums and cry when you’re sad in front of people. As I get older, there are many things I should let go of and hold in. ‘I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me‘ is a song based on this type of feeling.”

“I will keep on pursuing music. I also want to act. In whatever I do, I just want to have peace of mind. Because if I have peace of mind, I will not be shaken whether I succeed or fail.”

Seulong has already started his acting career in dramas and movies, and was recently selected as the honorary ambassador for the 13th annual Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF). 2AM also made a successful comeback with their mini-album, ’F.Scott Fitzgerald’s Way Of Love’, and will release a documentary film alongside 2PM entitled, ‘Beyond the Oneday‘ in Japan.

Source + Image: Naver

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2PM releases PV for “Beautiful”!


2PM has released the PV for their upcoming Japanese single, “Beautiful“!

The single will be released this June 6 along with a B-side track composed by member Junho called “If You Are Here“. “Beautiful” has already received love as the CM song for a popular Japanese brand, and previously topped the Recochoku chart on April 17.

A “Hi-5 event” for fans who buy the single will be held at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall on June 16 as well.

Check out 2PM’s PV for “Beautiful” below.

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TV Daily interviews rising rookie group JJ Project


After making a strong debut on Dream High 2 and with their debut album, ‘BOUNCE‘, JJ Project is jam-packed with skills acquired through JYPE’s long practice hours and rigorous training.

JB (Lim Jae Beom, 19), and Jr. (Park Jin Young, 19) were the winners of the 5th JYPE Audition back in 2009. But with their skills and idol-like images, the duo were already being recognized and garnered a tight fan-base even before their debut.


Jr., the younger one of the group commented,”In 2009, during summer break, we auditioned for the 5th JYPE Audition. Me and JB hyung auditioned together and placed 1st. And from then, hyung and I officially started getting trained and working as singers.”

Even as a rookie, Jr. showed phenomenal acting skills in Dream High 2, playing a lovable character with a southern Korean accent. In addition, his dancing skills caught the public’s eye during Dream High 2. Even After School‘s dancing machine leader, Kahi, admitted that she fell in love with Jr.’s dancing.

JB, the older of the group said, “[Since the audition,] we took language and dancing lessons for 2 years. We’re learning Japanese and Chinese, but I don’t think we are up to a high level yet. I think we need to work on it a bit more since the words are so foreign to us.”


From the start, JB and Jr. bears the burden of having the same names as the legendary singer, Lim Jae Beom, and a singer-producer, Park Jin Young. And because of that, the public are expecting great things to happen in the near future.

There is no meaning behind it. Our real names are Park Jin Young and Lim Jae Beom. But since we are rookies, we won’t have our own original colors. So we just combined our first initials, J and J,” JB said.

Jr. added, “You can think of us as like a continuously evolving project team rather than a unit team. Being given the same names as legends can be considered as a fate or homework. We have to work harder if we want to live up to the name. It’s intimidating, but I want to grow and become like J.Y. Park and Lim Jae Beom.

JB revealed that many successful artistis and groups of JYPE were the biggest supporters and promoters for the JJ Project. Not only did CEO JYP give advice, but artists such as Se7en*, 2PM, 2AM, MissA, and Wonder Girls passed on their share of experience and knowledge to the rookie duo.

He commented, “The seniors taught us a lot. As singers, and even as life mentors, they gave us a lot of advices. I think 2PM’s Junho hyung and Taekyeon hyung worries the most. So I think we have to work harder

Watch JJ Project at 5th JYPE Audition:

For more updates on JJ Projects, tune into Allkpop!

Source & Photo: Nate

*Note, Se7en is signed to YG Entertainment, not JYP Entertainment.

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2PM’s Taecyeon is determined to perform on Japanese tour despite arm injury


2PM‘s Taecyeon is showing his fighting spirit during the group’s Japanese concert tour, despite an arm injury.

As previously revealed, Taecyeon received surgery for a fracture on his left humerus. Although the surgery was a success, it required that he be in a cast for about a month. Fortunately, the doctors cleared him for performing on stage.

JYP Entertainment assured, “Taecyeon is determined to meet his fans, and we believe that there won’t be a problem with him performing at the Budokan or the Yokohama Arena with the rest of the 2PM members.”

They continued, “It might not be perfect, but we’ll have him on stage depending on his progress of recovery.”

Source + Photos: E-Daily via Naver

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2PM’s Taecyeon and Junho are living dolls for ‘Cosmopolitan’


2PM‘s Taecyeon and Junho have participated in a beastly new pictorial for ‘Cosmopolitan‘ magazine!

Showing off their sun kissed skin and chiseled bodies, the boys gave their best charismatic gazes for the camera in a pictorial concept that had them visualized as living dolls.

To play up the doll concept, the boys were placed behind a plastic window that they later ripped down to show that they had come to life. Although simple, their black outfits were enough to bring out their charms.

When jokingly asked mid-photoshoot where one could purchase such a handsome doll, Taecyeon wittily replied back, “From our moms!”

Check out the rest of their pictorial in the June edition of the magazine!


Source + Photos: TV Daily

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