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Luna shares a selca with a bouquet given to her by a fan

It has only been a week since the five ladies of f(x) returned to hit the stage once more, electrifying fans and the like with their newest summer single “Electric Shock.” To welcome the girls back into the game, various fans have sent the group numerous gifts to express their love and support.

Member Luna acted on behalf of f(x) to send her thanks to the fans by leaving them a heartfelt message, a selca of the singer posing and smiling brightly beside a fan-given bouquet ended the idol’s thank-you message to the fans.

Wow, I cannot believe we’re back, it just feels so amazing,” exclaimed Luna through her message on me2Day, “Thank you so much for all your love and support. Also thank you for your lovely gifts, snacks and flowers! We’re enjoying them very much.

f(x) fighting!” one netizen commented, “This week’s performances for Electric Show was incredible, and Luna, you’re so pretty!

Meanwhile, f(x) unveiled their second mini-album Electric Shock on June 10th and are currently busy promoting the record and single.

Source: Luna’s me2Day account

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Coffee Break: Busker Busker

Although they are definitely not the first indie group to make to the top of the charts, Busker Busker‘s appearance made a new breakthrough for indie and indie-pop bands in Korea.

What is great about this particular band is that it does not fit into the standard mold of other indie groups, sticking to off-air performances and generating only niche music fans. After their initial appearance on ‘Super Star K3‘, their miraculous comeback after being sent home, and finally ending up as the runner-up for the season, Busker Busker opened many doors for both the public to get a taste of indie music as well as for indie bands to generate a larger fanbase.


Consisting of Beom June Jang (lead vocalist/ guitar), Hyung Tae Kim (bass), and Brad Moore (drums), Busker Busker was formed with the vision of “creating a busking art group that focused on street performances and sought to ring an artistic cultural presence to the streets of Korea.” And like many bands that consists of college students, Busker Busker started off performing for small crowds on the streets of Seoul. In addition, the band did not have set members, their members often changed due to time constraints and schedule conflicts. However, the band members [current members] were made official when they auditioned for ‘Super Star K3‘.

Tokyo Girl

Busker Busker was noticed for their ability to depict accurate feelings of being in love with simple chords and melody that anyone can strum and hum along to. Not to mention that the lead vocalist Beom June Jang has sweet, relaxing, mid-ranged vocals that suits sentimental songs. For example, ”Cherry Blossom Ending“, their debut song, a song that is very true to a specific season, has light, but savory lyrics as Beom Jung Jang sings: “As the spring wind blows, the scattering cherry blossom petals spread out on this street as we walk together.

If you think “Cherry Blossom Ending” is too slow and are looking for something more exciting, and upbeat, I highly recommend “Ideal Type” or “Makgolina” (cover). The two songs depict the light and humorous characteristics of Busker Busker. Highlight for both songs would be when Jang Beom Jun asks Brad Moore a question, and Brad Moore, a native English speaker from Ohio, answers with a cute American-accent in Konglish. With this, the band proved once again that they don’t need glossy outfits, computer graphics, or even impressive choreography to attract viewers. Watching the band members having fun, makes you want to shake your body along.

Ideal Type

Full audio version

Not to mention that innocent smile that Jang Beom Jun has throughout the performance and the way that the members sway their bodies to the music! Their rendition of “Makgolina” was favorited by many, as it was praised even by the original producer Yoon Jong Shin himself. Yoon Jong Shin said, “Thank you for making my song even better,” as he gave 98 points out of 100 for their cover.

Mak Gul Li na (cover)”

I am particularly picky when it comes to music, but Busker Busker grabbed my, and many others according to here and here, attention as their first debut album was packed with tracks with unique lyrics and simple chord changes that everyone can enjoy at almost anytime. The lead singer may not have much range to his vocals, but it seems to be malleable enough to instill the appropriate feelings according to the mood and lyrics of each song.

Busker Busker already managed to engrave their name in the history of mainstream indie bands with their first album and raise anticipation for their future growth in the industry. “Busker Busker, fighting!


Additional Recommendations:
01. “
02. “
03. “
04. “
05. “

Remember to check out previous Coffee Breaks: Oksang Dalbit, Peppertones, Peterpan Complex

Look forward to more K-indie on the next ‘Coffee Break’! And if you have any other indie groups you would like to see us spotlight, comment below!

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f(x)’s Krystal once again under fire for her attitude


f(x)‘s Krystal is once again being put under fire for her attitude on television.

The ladies of f(x) appeared on Mnet‘s ‘Wide Entertainment News‘ to promote their latest title track “Electric Shock” and to have a brief interview with the emcees.

During the intervew, MCs Hong Jong Hyun and Yi Sol Ji shared an amusing photo of Krystal with Super Junior leader Leeteuk, revealing a hilarious contrast between cute and scary. Commenting on how the girl had also played a conceited character on MBC’s ‘High Kick Through the Roof‘, Hong Jong Hyun said, ”I heard Krystal is two-faced.”


Upon hearing his remark, Krystal’s eyes darkened and she bit her lower lip vexingly as if holding in her anger. A few netizens took notice of her drawn-out reaction, sharing screenshots on community forums.

Unsure of how to respond, Krystal glanced at Luna before Victoria said a few seconds later, “She’s not really like that. When we’re together, she’s playful.” Luna also said, “Krystal’s two sides aren’t a bad thing. She’s charismatic and confident onstage, but in reality she’s charming and acts like the maknae.

This isn’t the first time f(x)’s maknae has been rebuked for her attitude. Last month, many noticed that Krystal kept glaring at KARA‘s Seungyeon during a race on SBSRunning Man‘. In 2010 & 2011, Krystal was also widely criticized for paying no attention to other guests during ‘Quiz to Change the World‘, disrespecting staff offscreen, and being a difficult student to her skating instructor on ‘Kiss & Cry‘.

Upon seeing the screen captures, netizens’ responses were split between, “She needs to fix her attitude,” and, “Why is Mnet asking such question in the first place?

What do you think? Does Krystal need an attitude fix or was the MC rude for asking this question?

Source & Image: TV Daily via Nate

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SISTAR treks to Hawaii to film comeback MV

The four lovely ladies of SISTAR recently flew to Hawaii to film a music video for their impending comeback this month, and just returned to Korea with reports of success.

Considering how these jetsetters spent three days at the tropical vacation hotspot, we’re expecting a fresh dance pop MV that’s perfect for the summer.

At a fan meet that took place today, attendees noted the girls’ aesthetic changes (seen above), including Hyorin‘s full bangs and strawberry blonde curls as well as Soyou‘s tanned skin and wavy auburn locks.

The ladies will be releasing their special summer album later this month, so stay tuned for the release!

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EXO-K’s “MAMA” dance practice videos revealed

Videos of SM Entertainment‘s resident rookie group EXO-K in the dance practice room has recently been revealed to the internet, giving fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the young men practicing the

The two videos capture the six members performing the choreography of “MAMA” with two demo versions, notably different from the final version of the track that was later released. Absent of the stage-chic outfits and polished sets that are present in live performances, the videos show the members’ raw skills as dancers.

Check out both videos below –

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SPOILERS Kim Jong Kook transforms into the Hulk on ‘Running Man’


Kim Jong Kook channeled his inner Hulk on the latest episode of SBS‘s ‘Running Man‘.

The June 17th broadcast of ‘Running Man’ held a ‘King’s Race’ with actors Lim Ho and Lee Tae Gon as guests. The crew split up into three teams and made their way throughout Seoul to complete nine missions.

Their first stop was to face the maknae PD Lee Hwan Jin, a former martial arts athlete, by withstanding him from combing one’s hair with mousse for 5 seconds.

Unfortunately, Lee Kwang Soo was unable to beat the PD, which led him to begin teasing him as revenge saying, “He’s not that strong as you may think.”

To this, the PD let his frustration out on his next opponent, Lim Ho, which quickly earned him a victory.

However, the situation immediately changed as the PD had to face the muscle man, Kim Jong Kook. Before he was even able to get ready, Kim Jong Kook grabbed the PD’s arms and began waving it frantically in the air, proving he was as strong as Hulk.

Check out the full episode below.

Source & Image: TV Daily via Nate

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Eye Candy: Bikini Babes


Following last week’s ‘Swim Trunk Hunks‘ edition, courtesy of allkpop‘s staff, our ‘Eye Candy‘ series continues with K-pop’s sexiest “Bikini Babes”!

As you scroll down, your temperature may rise as the gorgeous ladies of K-pop take center stage. From barely there string bikinis to more ‘modest’ tankinis the ladies amp up the sexy, while still keeping it classy. The chiseled and glistening 11-abs are also all here for your viewing pleasure.

Hope you are ready to be inundated with the steamiest hotties in the K-entertainment industry!


This feature may cause serious symptoms of drooling and nosebleeds, so proceed with caution!


(Not in any particular order)

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Which comedian did Jo In Sung admit he looks like?


On the June 17th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Section TV‘, Jo In Sung admitted he looks like comedian Yoon Jong Shin.

On this episode, when the reporter asked Jo In Sung to give his thoughts on being Yoon Jong Shin’s look-alike, Jo In Suk stated, ”I think people are saying I look like Yoon Jong Shin because I am younger than him.

Upon looking at a photo comparing the two men, Jo In Sung reflected, “I think I do look like him. I must take care of myself really well from now on. I hope I can look much cooler as I become older. I will try my best to look better than [Yoon Jong Shin] hyung when I become his age“, causing viewers to laugh with his seriousness.

Source & Image: Newsen

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Music Therapy: Summer Lovin’ (Stage 2: The Honeymoon)


When you first start liking somebody in a romantic way, you may become increasingly preoccupied with thoughts of him or her. You may want, like, and eventually, fall in love with that significant other. If this is the case for you, then it seems that you are currently floating around in what some people refer to as “the honeymoon stage” of your relationship. And what better time than the lazy summer to flutter around, as you spend hours with that special somebody under the sun and within your daydreams?

In this edition of Music Therapy, we present Stage 2: The Honeymoon, in which we explore the cheery and heart-racing moments you may experience at the start of a relationship. Before you proceed, check out last week’s edition of ‘Music Therapy: Summer Lovin’ (Stage 1: The Crush)‘ if you haven’t already!

– PART I: Shut up and be mine! –

2NE1‘s “Be Mine“: As fun as it is to pursue a crush, search for signs of mutual interest, and fantasize about what could be, some of us are fed up with the chase and would like our relationship and our answers on a platter. 2NE1 seems to feel the same way in their song “Be Mine”, as they sing:

So just shut up and be mine.
I’m right here in front of you.
Don’t hesitate anymore.
Take my hand right now.
We’ll make it through anything
You’re the only one I’ve been [waiting for]

[recommended by tammyVIP]

The song features an interesting combination of a sway-inducing, relaxing tune and assertive lyrics that reflect both the longing and impatient desire for an official, romantic relationship. Take a listen to this calm yet feisty sound, and feel encouraged to finally make your confident confession to end your longing.

Additional Recommendations:

SHINee– “Hello

Fin.K.L – “Forever Love

Be my love now,
I want to lean everything on you.
You are the one to always take care of me,
Promise me an unchanging forever love.

What kind of proposal would you like to receive/give? Comment below!

– PART II: Loveydovey! –

Girls’ Generation‘s “Kissing You“: Once you begin your summer romance, you may fall under the spell of feeling lovey-dovey. Symptoms may include: heavy sighs, frequent phone checks, and spontaneous urges to sing as you skip down the street. A lot of us probably will not act on these desires to feature in our very own happy-go-lucky fantasy-musicals. But we can at least fulfill our daily dose of fluff by listening to tunes such as SNSD’s “Kissing You”!

With you dear I match my pace [with yours] and,
I hold your two hands and,
[as] I lay on your shoulder, I want to tell you–
Thank you, I love you, I will only give you happiness,
kissing you, oh my love.

Not only will the combination of string and digital sounds keep your shoulders and feet upbeat, but the sweet and thankful lyrics will swell your mind with sentimental flashbacks of your own cute, puppy-love moments–Korean drama style!

Additional Recommendations:

Super Junior– “No Other

[recommended by ELF-ish]

Mighty Mouth – “Tok Tok

What is your definition of perfect relationship? Tell us by commenting below!

PART III: Can You Feel the LOVE?

Ga In & Jo Kwon‘s “We Fell In Love“: You know things are starting to get serious when that big “L” word echoes throughout your mind, but you may hesitate to admit to it right away. The famous Adam Couple from the variety show ‘We Got Married’ seem to also be experiencing the happy dilemma as they sing the nervous yet hopeful jingle:

What kind of feeling is this? You and I.
Do we feel the same? You and I.
One thing that I do know
is that we smile only when we are together.

Is this love? You and I.
Do we feel the same? You and I
Can we say that we love each other?

Perhaps you’ll come to your own conclusion that your love interest really is someone who will warm your heart no matter the season, be it the frigid winter or sweltering summer!

Additional recommendation:

Lee Seung Hoon & Baek Ah Yeon – “Ma Boy 2” [cover of Electroboyz]

Original song linked

Gan Mi Yeon & Junsu (2PM) – “Sunshine

Are you currently in love? Have you found your potential soulmate? Tell us your story!


With that, we conclude our second edition of Music Therapy! Let us know what you thought of our choices in the comments below, and leave suggestions for next time, when we create another playlist for Summer Lovin’ (Part 3: The Comfort Zone).

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