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Fat Cat hospitalized due to kidney issues and fatigue

It has been revealed that singer Fat Cat was hospitalized after completing her performance on SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘ on March 18th.

A representative of her agency stated, “Because her conditions did not improve, Fat Cat ended up being hospitalized at ShinchonSeveranceHospital after completing her performance on Inkigayo. The swelling on her hands, feet, face, and her body did not subside, and she has also been suffering from fatigue. In order to protect the health of our singer and to get an accurate diagnosis, we have decided to have her hospitalized.”

They continued, “Based on the results, we will determine whether or not to have her continue with her activities.”

Back on March 11th, Fat Cat was diagnosed with kidney problems, but while awaiting further results she has continued on with her activities. She had been having IV treatments to assist her in completing acivities, but it now seems things have gotten worse.

Fat Cat released her 3rd single album ‘Like a Dream‘ on March 9th and has been actively promoting her album. She was even able to successfully complete her very first variety show appearance.

Source: XSports News via Nate

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Fat Cat meets up with basketball stars after Incheon and Busan playoffs

New photos of rookie vocalist Fat Cat posing with several different basketball stars have been a topic of interest amongst fans and netizens.

Recently, Fat Cat uploaded photos of herself with players Moon Tae Jong, Ham Juri, and Joo Tae Soo on her personal blog. She wrote, “Took this picture after supporting these amazing oppas at the play off between the IncheonElectroLands and the Busan KT.”

Netizens were surprised with her networks both inside the entertainment and sports industry, leaving comments like, “Fat Cat networks in and out everywhere”, and “An amazing meeting between a gayo star and sports stars.”

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Fat Cat wants to do a duet with Kim Soo Hyun

On March 12th, Fat Cat guested on ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio‘ and revealed that she would love to perform a duet with actor Kim Soo Hyun.

When asked by DJs Sungmin and Ryeowook who she would like to duet with, Fat Cat replied with MBC‘s current hottest star of the hit drama, ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun‘.

Taking the opportunity, the DJs urged her to leave an audio message for the actor to hear. In a nervous voice, she said, “I’m so nervous, I don’t know what to say… I’ve been such a fan of your acting since your ‘Dream High‘ days. I’d love to go on stage and sing together.”

Considering Kim Soo Hyun’s singing talent, it’s a stage we’re sure fans are also hoping to see!

Check out her responses below! (Stars around the 1:44:10 mark)

Fat Cat also received an early birthday surprise on the show, which falls on March 14th, the same day as ‘White Day’. “It feels like a dream to receive congratulatory birthday wishes in such a family-like environment. Thank you so much for genuinely wishing me a happy birthday to our Super Junior seniors and the producers.”

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Fat Cat and Lee Joon get close for ‘Like a Dream’ album jacket

A photo of Fat Cat getting a little up close and personal with MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon has been causing talk among fans.

The picture of the pair was released on March 9th and was revealed to have been taken during a photo shoot for Fat Cat’s new mini-album ‘Like a Dream’. A representative from Fat Cat’s agency Yoori Entertainment commented, “Fat Cat’s ‘Like a Dream’ concept is about the nervousness and rushed heart beats felt during a first love. When we asked Lee Joon to participate in the photoshoot, he agreed. In this album by Fat Cat, there will be photos of the two standing lovingly together.”

Fat Cat thanked Lee Joon for his help as well, posting on Twitter, “To MBLAQ’s Joon oppa who’s worked so hard shooting with me for the album jacket! Thank you oh so very much ^^.”

In further news, Fat Cat will have her comeback on this week’s ‘Music Bank‘.

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