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SM, YG, & JYP Entertainments to closely mentor their ‘K-POP Star’ contestants

On the March 25th live broadcast of the show,’K-Pop Star‘, the finalists who made it to the Top 6 were cast between the 3 agencies (SM, YG, JYP), with 2 finalists being cast to each agency. This marked the official start of the ‘Winner Debut Project,’ and each of the finalists will receive special training at their respective agencies in order to survive to the TOP 5, which will be broadcasted live on April 1st.

J.Y. Park, in addition to judging on the show, will personally be the producer for his 2 finalists at JYP. His finalists not only received help from some of the best experts in the industry, but also from the Wonder Girls, who have been very active in the finalists’ trainings. The Wonder Girls were on set for the live broadcast on the 25th, and showed an unusual attachment to the finalists by passionately cheering them on.

Yenny and Yubin, in particular, surprised the staff for passionately giving the finalists endless ideas and advice, from song selection down to every little detail, almost as if they were preparing for their own stage. Yenny, as a senior in the industry, took care of the finalists and even paid attention to the finalists’ psychological well-being, while Yubin, who has had an interest in styling, actively helped the finalists out on that front.

The finalists at YG also have an impressive mentor in former 1TYM member Teddy, who will be producing for them. Teddy, who is responsible for composing, writing, arranging, and producing most of the songs sung by YG artists such as Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, and Gummy, is said to have worked his magic with YG’s finalists.

At SM, the fact that Kenzie, the hit-making producer who has worked with BoA, TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, Super Junior, and f(x) will be working with the finalists, is heightening viewers’ anticipation.

The staff for ‘K-Pop Star’ revealed, “SM, YG, and JYP are giving their all in preparing the finalists for the next performance, as if they are preparing their own rookie singers for debut. The finalists, who have been receiving the best training available from the 3 agencies, will put on a show that can rival professional singers. We ask for your anticipation and cheers.”

Source + Image: Sports Chosun via Naver

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Se7en and Park Han Byul celebrate their 10th anniversary

Top stars and celebrity couple Se7en and Park Han Byul have recently celebrated their 10th year anniversary!

On March 29th, the two lovebirds held a party at an upscale restaurant in Seoul. Se7en and Park Han Byul have been together since March 30th of 2002. With the blessings of their guests, the couple rang in March 30th to mark their 10 years together.

The party was an exclusive one, with just 10 close friends of the couple as guests. A staff of the restaurant said, “Se7en and Park Han Byul celebrated their long lasting relationship with those who were closest to them. They did not act like celebrities, but took care of each other and displayed their affections.”

Se7en and Park Han Byul met when they were students in Anyang High School. Once they became celebrities, they were signed to the same company until 2005, when Park Han Byul signed with a different agency. Regardless of this, the two maintained their love for each other.

The two kept their relationship a secret until May of 2009, when a past photo taken by them were leaked on the internet. This marked a turning point in their relationship as they went public and did not hesitate to confirm their relationship through numerous interviews and public appearances.

Congratulations to Se7en and Park Han Byul for their 10 years together!

Source & Image: Nate

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Se7en and Park Han Byul’s 10 Year Love Story

Conversation: SOOMPI

On March 29th, Se7en and Park Han Byul hosted a small party to celebrate their ten years together. Renting out a restaurant in the Gangnam area of Seoul, the lovebirds invited only ten or so of their closest friends, creating an intimate, relaxed and low-key atmosphere.

An onlooker at the restaurant stated that, “Se7en and Park Han Byul had invited friends that knew them personally since their early days, rather than inviting those working in the entertainment industry. I didn’t even catch a glimpse of other celebrities.” The onlooker also noted that the couple was lovingly caring for each other and looking very close.

Se7en and Park Han Byul started dating in high school. The high school sweethearts were also signed under the same entertainment company, and even after Park Han Byul moved to another entertainment company, the two remained an item.

They denied the relationship at first when allegations surfaced that the two were dating, but in May 2009, when an intimate picture of the couple emerged online, the two admitted that they were indeed in a relationship. In the picture that surfaced online, Park Han Byul and Se7en were posing with massage packs on their faces and happily smiling into the camera. The captions, “20080330 ‘W’ Happy 6th Anniversary,” and “Six years dating” were written below the image.

Ten years of commitment is a long time and they seem to have outlasted many other celebrity relationships. What is next for the happy couple?

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Big Bang’s T.O.P tried to run off set during recent shoot for ‘Strong Heart’

Big Bang‘s rapper T.O.P tried to hurriedly run off set in the middle of a film shoot.

The March 27th episode of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘ was a ‘YG Family‘ special, featuring artists such as Psy, Big Bang, Se7en, Tablo, Gummy, 2NE1, and more.

Singer Gummy began telling a story about how she became intoxicated with alcohol and began singing Shim Soo Bong‘s “I Know Nothing But Love“, when all of a sudden Big Bang’s T.O.P tried to cut across the set unnoticed. But the camera caught him, and the sound that the heels of his shoes made against the studio floor were hard to ignore, causing everyone to turn their attention towards him.

Lee Seung Gi grabbed T.O.P who was leaving the set and asked where he was going. Embarrassed, T.O.P turned red and admitted that he wanted to use the restroom. “Gummy noona was talking, so I was going to secretly sneak out of here,” he confessed, causing everyone on set to laugh.

MC Lee Seung Gi then hilariously remarked that T.O.P looked like a dinosaur walking off set and mimicked him, causing the guests and audience members to continue howling with laughter.

Source & Image: IlganSports via Nate

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Se7en to wrap up Korean promotions this week

Se7en has revealed that he will be officially wrapping up his Korean activities this week!

His performance on the March 25th episode of SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘ will be his last, as he’ll be concluding a few months’ worth of successful promotions. His comeback lived up to expectations and more, especially with it being a collaboration between YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment.

Not only did he sweep the charts, but he also won on music programs, ranking on iTunes and in the top five on the Billboard chart.

Starting April, he’ll be promoting all over Asia in Japan, China, Singapore, and other locations.

Source + Photos: Mydaily via Naver

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Se7en snaps a photo during his flight

Se7en shared a glimpse of his flight with his recent tweet.

The singer tweeted, “Shoooong~” with the above picture.

The picture showed Se7en’s neat styling with his leather jacket and a simple white shirt. His eyes are peering over his sunglasses, and the little window next to him hinting that the picture was taken during his plane ride.

The netizens responded with, “It’s easy to recognize him even if he covers his face with his sunglasses” and “He just threw on a white shirt and a jacket but still…

Source+Picture: Se7en’s Twitter

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IU spotted in the audience on ‘K-Pop Star’ + per formances by the ‘Top 8′

During the live broadcast of SBS‘ ‘K-Pop Star‘ on March 18th, viewers were surprised to see the nation’s little sister, IU, among the seated audience members.

As the top 8 contestants were putting on their performances, cameras captured the singer engrossed in Lee Michelle‘s spectacular performance of Beyonce‘s “If I Were a Boy“. As soon as viewers caught a glimpse of the nation’s little sister, the audience erupted in commotion and her appearance proved that stars are also showing interest in the audition program.

In addition to IU, miss A also made an appearance on the program, as seen in the clip below:

Meanwhile, the contestant eliminated this week was Baek Ji Woong who performed Kim Dong Ryul‘s “Etude of Memory“.

Check out the performances below!

<Park Ji Min – In Dreams (by LenaPark)>

<Yoon Hyun Sang – So Nyeo Shi Dae – (by Girls Generation)>

<Lee Michelle – If I were a Boy (by Beyonce)>

<Lee Seung Hoon – – When I Can’t Sing (SE7EN)>

<Park Jae Hyung – This Love (by Maroon5)>

<Lee Ha Yi — Don’t Stop The Music (by Rihanna)>

<Baek Ji Woong – Etude of Memory (by Kim Dong Ryul)>

<Baek Ah Yeon – Atlantis Princess (by BoA)>

Source & Image: Osen

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Lee Seung Gi leaves his post on ‘Strong Heart’

20120316 leeseunggi

MC Lee Seung Gi has officially stepped down from his ‘Strong Heart‘ post.

On March 15th, the singer had his final ‘Strong Heart’ shoot at the SBS studios in Seoul. Lee Seung Gi who began hosting the program with Kang Ho Dong in 2009 has stepped down after a fulfilling two and a half years.

PD Park Sang Hyuk who directs the show informed NoCutNews on the 16th, “He was more ambitious for this last shoot than ever before. The guests on the program were peers of the same age as Seung Gi, and so he was able to shoot his final episode in a fun and comfortable atmosphere.”

He added,

We prepared an appreciation plaque for Seung Gi as well as a special event with a short video clip. It was our way of thanking Seung Gi for leading the show well until now.

This is a program that is centered around the guests, and so more than focusing on the fact that it was his last shoot, Lee Seung Gi was more concerned with being a good and responsible MC for the program until the end.

He thanked each of the guests and staff members on set, saying how he was more grateful to everyone rather than sad he was leaving the program.”

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi’s last ‘Strong Heart’ shoot was a YG special, and guests included Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, and more.

Actor Lee Dong Wook who will be taking Lee Seung Gi’s place as MC was also on set, observing the shoot.

Source & Image : NoCutNews via Nate

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Announcement Se7en Cover Contest Winners!

The Se7en Comeback Cover Event has finally come to an end and allkpop readers are eager to find out who the winners are! Even though you guys are all winners in our book, we still have to hand out prizes to contestants that stood out.

With over 500 entries, it was a challenging task to narrow down the top Se7en contestants. Everything from the good, the great, and the funny… contestants had a chance to win SE7EN’s signed CD, signed light sticks, posters, and a grand prize pair of SOUL headphones!

Without further ado, the winners…

Grand Prize: Se7en autographed CD & light stick, Se7en Poster, pair of SOUL Headphones


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