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Song Joong Ki’s past photos revealed

20120329 songjoongki past

Popular actor Song Joong Ki‘s past photos have become a hot topic online.

The photos were recently shared on an online community board with a post titled, “Song Joong Ki’s beauty since birth“.

The collection of photos depict Song Joong Ki at various stages of his life from his childhood days until his college days. Netizens marveled at his adorable past and increasingly improving looks as he aged. Many were particularly fond of his high school graduation photo, which showed off his innocent yet handsome charms.

Netizens and viewers commented, “His baby photos are so cute!” , “The chronological ordering of the photos really highlights his looks!” and, “His middle school photo seems to be the worst among a history of good looks“.

In related news, Song Joong Ki was recently cast for the upcoming movie “Wolf Boy“.

20120329 songjoongki2

Source & Image: Money Today via Nate

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MBLAQ’s G.O. transforms into a master chef on ‘Hello Baby’

20120329 go 1

MBLAQ member G.O. showed off his culinary skills on ‘Hello Baby’.

On the March 29th episode of KBS Joy‘s ‘Hello Baby’, the MBLAQ boys prepared a surprise party for baby Dayoung‘s birthday.

G.O., who was determined to learn how to cook for the children before the show began, kept his promise by preparing a special Vietnamese meal for Dayoung. He impressed the rest of the MBLAQ members as he confidently cut up vegetables, stir-fried, and even danced while cooking in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, all his skills aside, G.O. still seems to be an amateur. Mir took a bite of G.O.’s finished product only to spit the food right back out, proving that G.O. may need some more practice when it comes to cooking.

Meanwhile on the same episode, Lee Joon showcased his explosive ‘aegyo’ on the series.

Check out the cuts from the episode below!

Source & Image: Etoday via Nate

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Korean-American hopeful Heejun Han sings “A Song For You” on American Idol

20120329 heejunhan 600x327

Korean-American hopeful Heejun Han has made it through to the Top 9 on ‘American Idol‘.

The singer who was criticized last week for not taking the competition seriously enough definitely turned things around with his most recent performance of Donny Hathaway‘s “A Song For You“, which brought the judges and the crowd to their feet.

You did it, man. You turned it around,” judge Steven Tyler told him. “Just now, you let that song sing you.”

Fellow judge Jennifer Lopez added, “You know, people don’t realize you don’t make it this far by mistakewhen you connect and you really sing to us, you move people.”

Randy Jackson admitted his performance wasn’t perfect, but said, “Finally, that Heejun that we selected came back to us tonight.”

Check out his latest performance below, and let us know if you think he has what it takes to be the next ‘American Idol’!

Source: USAToday

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Leeteuk parodies Ha Ji Won’s “leggy” scene from ‘The King 2 Hearts’

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk posted an incredibly hilarious parody of actress Ha Ji Won to his Twitter on March 29th KST.

Leeteuk tweeted, “Same thing, different feel. I have a lot of time [to spend],” along with the composited photo above. He also shared a capture of Ha Ji Won from the drama ‘The King 2 Hearts‘ so followers could check out the unexpected comparison. Apparently, the Super Junior leader is pretty confident when it comes to his legs as he’s known to have shared them with fans before.

Fans commented, “Two people with amazing genes,” “Leeteuk oppa’s legs are really pretty too, try more sexy photos!” and “I burst out laughing when I saw the photo. The best.”

Leeteuk is currently active on MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘, SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘, and other variety programs.

Source & Image: Leeteuk’s Twitter

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Stars attend opening ceremony of Theory in Seoul

20120329 sooyoung theory1

On the night of March 29th, New York fashion label, Theory held the opening ceremony for a new store in Shinsadong, Seoul.

Some of the top stars were invited to the event including Lee Yo Won, Kim Min Jung, Choi Yeo Jin, Choi Kang Hee, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, Ji Jin Hee, Kang Ji Hwan, Yoon Kye Sang, Lee Sang Woo, Yoon Do Hyun, married couple Jung Hye Young and Sean, Busker Busker, Tugaewol’s Ye Rim, and others.

Theory’s merchandise is sold at Theory’s signature stores and other upscale department stores across the globe. The brand also operates several flagship stores located in America, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, and China. Theory hopes to deliver the same high quality apparel found in their New York shops to this latest Theory store in Korea.

Check out more snapshots of the stars at the event!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Source & Images: bntnews via Nate

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Lee Seung Gi comments on his ‘The King 2 Hearts’ role and that he misses his parents

On this week’s broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Good Day‘, singer and actor Lee Seung Gi talked about his role on ‘The King 2 Hearts‘, and expressed that he missed his parents while spending long hours filming the drama.

The star was interviewed on the set of ‘The King 2 Hearts’, and he talked about his difficult CBR training scene.

“It was no joke. I’ve never done it before so I thought ‘Let’s actually spread the chemicals in the air when we film’,” he said. “But the director told us, ‘If we do that, you’ll die. You won’t be able to act’, so we went with fake smoke.

“I think that spreading fake smoke for 4 hours is equivalent to airing the chemicals for 2 minutes,” he continued, explaining how difficult the scene really was.

Lee Seung Gi also commented on his ‘scarf kiss’ scene with actress Ha Ji Won that’s been causing a lot of buzz lately.

“We weren’t very close at the time, so I thought, ‘Is this okay?’ I felt pretty shy about it, but the director and noona (Ha Ji Won) said that I was actually pretty aggressive.”

When asked what kind of son he is at home, he responded, “When I have a lot of work and am juggling a busy schedule, there are times I’ll complain and get annoyed easily like any other son.”

While filming this drama, there was a week where I was barely at home because of work. Until then, I didn’t realize what it felt like to miss your parents, but I really missed my mom and dad during that week,” he continued.

Meanwhile, according to AGB Nielsen Media Research Korea, ’The King 2 Hearts’ which tells the story of a South Korean prince and a North Korean military official, drew in an impressive viewership of 16.5% thanks to both Lee Seung Gi & Ha Ji Won’s impassioned performances.

Source + Photo: Seoul NTN via Nate

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INFINITE’s Hoya postpones birthday celebration to focus on rehearsing for upcoming concert

Members of idol group INFINITE are hard at work, preparing for their upcoming encore concert performance.

On April 1st, 10,000 fans will be flocking to Seoul Olympic Park to attend INFINITE’s ‘Second Invasion-Evolution’ concert, the encore performance to their first concerts which took place this past February.

With only a few days remaining, the boys are rehearsing day and night without rest. Member Hoya who turned 22 on March 28th was more concerned with perfecting their stage performance that he postponed celebrating his birthday to focus on rehearsals.

INFINITE has sold out both this upcoming ‘Second Invasion-Evolution’ concert as well as their first performances held at the Handball Stadium. Though it is an encore performance, the boys have completely reorganized the format, and all of the members’ individual performances will be different as well. Furthermore, the boys will also be revealing songs from their new album scheduled to drop this May.

In addition, YouTube will be streaming five of their song performances from the ‘Second Invasion-Evoluion’ concert live and various other clips of the boys will also be revealed.

Source & Image: Newsen via Nate

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The similarities and differences between reality and the North Korea portrayed in ‘The King 2 Hearts

20120328 hajiwon north

North Korean locals recently shared their thoughts on the similarities and differences between North Korea and the North Korea portrayed in MBC‘s new drama, ‘The King 2 Hearts‘.

On March 27th, a North Korean media outlet, DailyNK reported that a distributor from China, who provides pirated Korean drama CDs and DVDs to North Koreans, pointed out the similarities between the drama setting and North Korea. According to the distributor, ‘The King 2 Hearts’ does such a good job portraying modern North Korea that even the locals have a hard time differentiating whether the drama is a North Korean or South Korean film.

20120328 hajiwon north1

According to the distributor, the setting of ‘The King 2 Hearts’ is very similar to that of North Korea’s capital city, Pyongyang. The Pyongyang subway seen in the drama looks almost exactly the same as the actual subway. Even the station’s attendants behave and look similar to those in North Korea. The propaganda pictures and slogans are also placed in similar locations, but are described to be more revolutionary in reality. Though strong slogans such as ‘Let’s crush the South’ are not seen in the drama, they are common in North Korea.

The similarities, however, end there, and the differences start. Ha Ji Won‘s accent is in the drama is reported to be actually a dialect from Yeonbyeon. Pyongyang residents and soldiers utilize a different intonation at the end of their sentences.

20120328 hajiwon north2

Regarding Ha Ji Won’s short skirt length, “If a North Korean female soldier went around wearing that in Pyongyang, everyone would say that she is slutty. She would be severely criticized back at base and may even be shot at,” the distributor explained.

In addition, the distributor revealed that once Korean shows are recorded onto DVDs illegally, it takes only about a week for the recorded DVDs to spread inside North Korea, proof of the rising popularity of South Korean dramas in even an isolated nation like North Korea. People can watch a drama that was aired in the South as early as the next day after its broadcast.

The distributor also shared that, “Security is so tight these days that sometimes I have to even put North Korean movie illustrations on the DVDs. Some people even save the DVD onto their hard drive instead.”

20120328 hajiwon north3

20120328 hajiwon north4

20120328 hajiwon north5

Source + Photos: Naver

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‘2012 K-Pop Collection’ fashion concert to be broadcast on April 2nd

20120329 bigbang 2am

Not too long ago, we reported that a “fashion concert” by the title, ‘K-Collection in Seoul’ took place featuring stars such as Big Bang, 2AM, IU, MBLAQ, Tiger JK, INFINITE, SECRET, Nine Muses, Girls’ Generation, T-ara, miss A, and more.

It seems the event will be taking to the small screen as it will be broadcast for the general public through SBS under the title of ’2012 K-Pop Collection’.

Idol group members like Lee Joon, Seulong, and more walked the runway, while the others put on performances throughout the show that combines fashion and music, and did not disappoint with their elaborate performances.

SBS’ ’2012 K-Pop Collection’ will air April 2nd at 6PM KST.

Source & Image : Etoday via Nate

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