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SISTAR tops Billboard’s ‘K-Pop Hot 100′ with “Alone”

There seems to be no obstacles in the way of SISTAR‘s domination of the charts, on top of killing Korean digital and physical sales, the girls have gone on to top the BillboardK-Pop Hot 100‘ chart!

On April 19th, Starship Entertainment revealed that the girls had finally put an end to Busker Busker’s position at the top by topping it with “Alone” for the third week of April.

Despite the comeback of big hit stars like 4minute and Nell, SISTAR has managed to secure their place at the top for over a week into their comeback.

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SISTAR receives luxurious gifts from their loyal ‘uncle fans’


Idol group SISTAR revealed just how much love and support they receive from their uncle fans.

On a recent recording of MBC‘s ‘Come To Play‘, SISTAR’s Bora & Hyorin guest-featured along with singer Won Miyeon, Cho Gab Kyung, miss A‘s Suzy, and 4minute‘s Sohyun.

SISTAR who has captivated their ‘uncle fans’ with their powerful vocals and sexy charisma revealed that they once received an extremely generous gift.

Member Soyou had once received a high-end luxury handbag as well as a large sum of cash from a wealthy uncle fan, which caused the other guests on set to become envious.

Later in the episode, Hyorin and Bora displayed their classic sexy chair dance that melted their uncle fans’ hearts, earning the explosive applause of everyone on set.

Source & Image: MyDaily via Nate

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Still cuts from SISTAR’s new comeback music video revealed

20120402 sister pic1 600x409

Four member girl group, SISTAR, has increased the anticipation for their impending comeback as it has just been revealed that the music video for their new single will showcase spots in Las Vegas.

The girls, who debuted back in 2010, have never failed to impress when it comes to their songs and music videos. SISTAR’s label, Starship Entertainment has openly shared that fans can expect the latest music video to be the most extravagant project SISTAR has ever created.

Starship Entertainment explained, “There was a lot of effort put in this new music video. The girls went back and forth from South Korea and Las Vegas to shoot all the scenes. You can expect to see a fascinating performance from SISTAR. The music video will make you feel like you’re watching an enthralling movie.”

Sistar is slated to officially release their mini album on April 12th and begin their promotions.

Meanwhile, check out two still cuts from their music video production set!


20120402 sister pic1 155x100

20120402 sistar pic2 155x100

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SISTAR’s Hyorin reveals the story behind her debut

Following 4minute‘s Sohyun, SISTAR‘s Hyorin has also spoken up on how she was able to debut.

On the April 2nd episode of MBC‘s ‘Come to Play‘, Hyorin shared, “Ever since I was young, I loved to dance and sing. The people around me would always compliment me on my singing so I began to take auditions.

Hyorin ended up auditioning for JYP and placed 1st, leading her to become a JYP trainee.

She continued, “At that time, I was preparing to debut under a 3-member girl group with Secret‘s lead vocalist Song Ji Eun and EXID‘s Yuji. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to debut due to some circumstances and we ended up going our separate ways, debuting under different groups.

Source & Image: Newsen via Nate

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Official SISTAR fan cafe announces upcoming comeback!

20120119 seoulmusicawards sistar 1


SISTAR‘s official fan cafe has announced that the group will be making their comeback in the first half of April!

The fan cafe’s Twitter posted, “Let’s make the girls first place!”, and a link with more details of SISTAR’s upcoming return. The announcement revealed that SISTAR would be making a comeback in the second week of April, and that fans should anticipate an album release.

20120329 sistar comebacktweet1

Stay tuned to allkpop for more information about SISTAR’s comeback!

Source & Photo: SISTAR fan cafe Twitter

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f(x)’s Sulli ‘Pink Wings Campaign’ photos for Vogue Girl revealed

20120322 sulli1

f(x)‘s Sulli recently took on the ‘Pink Wings Campaign‘ for Vogue Girl.

The ‘Pink Wings Campaign’, is already endorsed by other female celebrities such as Yoo In Na, Hyuna, SISTAR, and more. The campaign aids families where due to circumstances, the grandparents end up taking care of their grandchildren. The products endorsed through Sulli’s pictorial will be sold at the Pink Wings Pop-up Store and all profits from these products will be donated to the families of the ‘Pink Wings Campaign’.

Sulli’s photoshoot was themed just in time for Spring as she portrays an innocent and girly image while managing to create a different atmosphere for each photo.

Sulli’s full photo spread can be seen in the April version of Vogue Girl.


Source + image via Nate

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