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Leeteuk parodies Ha Ji Won’s “leggy” scene from ‘The King 2 Hearts’

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk posted an incredibly hilarious parody of actress Ha Ji Won to his Twitter on March 29th KST.

Leeteuk tweeted, “Same thing, different feel. I have a lot of time [to spend],” along with the composited photo above. He also shared a capture of Ha Ji Won from the drama ‘The King 2 Hearts‘ so followers could check out the unexpected comparison. Apparently, the Super Junior leader is pretty confident when it comes to his legs as he’s known to have shared them with fans before.

Fans commented, “Two people with amazing genes,” “Leeteuk oppa’s legs are really pretty too, try more sexy photos!” and “I burst out laughing when I saw the photo. The best.”

Leeteuk is currently active on MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘, SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘, and other variety programs.

Source & Image: Leeteuk’s Twitter

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The similarities and differences between reality and the North Korea portrayed in ‘The King 2 Hearts

20120328 hajiwon north

North Korean locals recently shared their thoughts on the similarities and differences between North Korea and the North Korea portrayed in MBC‘s new drama, ‘The King 2 Hearts‘.

On March 27th, a North Korean media outlet, DailyNK reported that a distributor from China, who provides pirated Korean drama CDs and DVDs to North Koreans, pointed out the similarities between the drama setting and North Korea. According to the distributor, ‘The King 2 Hearts’ does such a good job portraying modern North Korea that even the locals have a hard time differentiating whether the drama is a North Korean or South Korean film.

20120328 hajiwon north1

According to the distributor, the setting of ‘The King 2 Hearts’ is very similar to that of North Korea’s capital city, Pyongyang. The Pyongyang subway seen in the drama looks almost exactly the same as the actual subway. Even the station’s attendants behave and look similar to those in North Korea. The propaganda pictures and slogans are also placed in similar locations, but are described to be more revolutionary in reality. Though strong slogans such as ‘Let’s crush the South’ are not seen in the drama, they are common in North Korea.

The similarities, however, end there, and the differences start. Ha Ji Won‘s accent is in the drama is reported to be actually a dialect from Yeonbyeon. Pyongyang residents and soldiers utilize a different intonation at the end of their sentences.

20120328 hajiwon north2

Regarding Ha Ji Won’s short skirt length, “If a North Korean female soldier went around wearing that in Pyongyang, everyone would say that she is slutty. She would be severely criticized back at base and may even be shot at,” the distributor explained.

In addition, the distributor revealed that once Korean shows are recorded onto DVDs illegally, it takes only about a week for the recorded DVDs to spread inside North Korea, proof of the rising popularity of South Korean dramas in even an isolated nation like North Korea. People can watch a drama that was aired in the South as early as the next day after its broadcast.

The distributor also shared that, “Security is so tight these days that sometimes I have to even put North Korean movie illustrations on the DVDs. Some people even save the DVD onto their hard drive instead.”

20120328 hajiwon north3

20120328 hajiwon north4

20120328 hajiwon north5

Source + Photos: Naver

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SpoilersLee Seung Gi’s character meets North Korean SONE on ‘The King 2 Hearts’

On the fourth episode of MBC‘s ‘The King 2 Hearts‘, Lee Seung Gi, who plays Lee Jae Ha (Prince of South Korea), teased Jeong Man Sik (North Korean Soldier) about his secret love for Girls’ Generation. This unnecessary act by Lee Jae Ha caused Jeong Man Sik to explode in anger and confront the prince.

In previous episodes, Lee Jae Ha unwillingly joined a joint military team consisting of North and South Korean soldiers to promote peace between the two Koreas. The team is a six man party which includes Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won), Choi Kwon (Kwon Yeong Bae), and Jeong Man Sik (Ri Kang Seok) who are all North Koreans. The remaining three South Koreans are Jo Jeong Seok (Eun Si Kyung), Kwon Hyeon Sang (Yeom Dong Ha), and the prince, Lee Jae Ha. Prince Lee Jae Ha, who has a rebellious and irresponsible character, didn’t get along with Jeong Man Sik from the start.

In this latest episode, Lee Jae Ha decided to play a prank on his North Korean teammate by presenting him a laptop for his birthday. Of course it wasn’t just any ordinary computer. Lee Jae Ha programmed it so that it would automatically play Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys” as soon as the device was turned on. Delighted, Jeong Man Sik happily watched the video until a video message popped up with Lee Jae Ha. “True friends understand each other’s feelings without speaking words right? You don’t need to be shy. To be awed by the culture of a highly developed country is nothing to be ashamed of,” Lee Jae Ha teased.

Enraged Jeong Man Sik grabbed a hold of Lee Jae Ha’s collar and retorted, “South Korean scumbags don’t understand different values!” After noticing the ruckus through cameras, military officials soon came to prevent the situation from escalating further.

Although North Korea is an isolated country, the locals get many of their South Korean entertainment content from China. There are bound to be a few Girls’ Generation fans (officially called “SONES“) there.

Source + Photos: Osen

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‘The King 2 Hearts’, ‘Rooftop Prince’, and ‘The Equator Man’ battle it out for viewer ratin gs

There seems to be a change happening on what will be the top drama on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

If we follow the statistics given by the AGB Neielson Media Research group, on March 28th, the ratings for MBC’sThe King 2 Hearts‘, SBS’s Rooftop Prince’ and KBS2′sThe Equator Man‘ was 14.5%, 11.2% and 8.1% respectively.

On March 22nd, ‘The King 2 Hearts’ recorded a viewer ranking of 16.5% meaning it dropped 2% this week. ‘Rooftop Prince’ was at 10.5% last week meaning it saw a rise of .7%, and ‘The Equator Man’ had very similar numbers from last week.

There was not much change in viewers for both ‘Rooftop Prince’ and ‘The Equator Man’, but there was a significant drop for ‘The King 2 Hearts.’ ‘The King 2 Hearts’ is still number one in the time slot but ‘Rooftop Prince’ had steady viewer growth through its first three episodes from 9.8% to 10.5% and finally to 11.2%, leaving it just 3.3% out of first place.

With so many great choices for drama these days, it is no wonder that all have similar numbers. We’ll have to keep an eye on how the ratings will change with the progression of the shows.

What is your favorite drama from this time slot?

Source: E Daily via Naver

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