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‘2012 K-Pop Collection’ fashion concert to be broadcast on April 2nd

20120329 bigbang 2am

Not too long ago, we reported that a “fashion concert” by the title, ‘K-Collection in Seoul’ took place featuring stars such as Big Bang, 2AM, IU, MBLAQ, Tiger JK, INFINITE, SECRET, Nine Muses, Girls’ Generation, T-ara, miss A, and more.

It seems the event will be taking to the small screen as it will be broadcast for the general public through SBS under the title of ’2012 K-Pop Collection’.

Idol group members like Lee Joon, Seulong, and more walked the runway, while the others put on performances throughout the show that combines fashion and music, and did not disappoint with their elaborate performances.

SBS’ ’2012 K-Pop Collection’ will air April 2nd at 6PM KST.

Source & Image : Etoday via Nate

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Nine Muses’ Euaerin Was Hurt in the Past Due to Her Racy Bikini Photo

Conversation: SOOMPI

Nine MusesEuaerin revealed she was hurt in the past when a photo of herself wearing a bikini was leaked to the public.

Female singer group Nine Muses showed up as guests for the March 29th broadcast of MnetBeatles Code 2.” When weather reporter Park Eun Ji talked about the harsh criticism she had once received for wearing a sheer fabric shirt on air, Nine Muses’ Euaerin also revealed her painful experience.

Euaerin explained, “I once had a photo of myself wearing only a bikini leaked to the public. I took that photo during a shooting for Nine Muses’ jacket photo. But because it was too racy we decided not to include it in our album.” Unfortunately for the singer, however, the bikini photo had spread all over the internet.

Euaerin continued, “The photos were leaked. Back then, I was still young so I was flustered that a lot of people were paying so much attention to that photo.” In addition, the singer revealed that she had received many negative comments.

She had received harsh criticisms such as, “It’s too racy,” “You’re so cheap,” and “So what if you’re tall and skinny?” She said that hurtful comments such as these had left her deep scars.

Also on this day, Euaerin received attention for being MC Kim Tae Won‘s look-alike. She tied her hair back and made a posture similar to the MC’s, showing their resemblance.

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Nine Muses reveal their ‘paper cup’ diet plan to the fans

‘Model Idol group’, Nine Muses, is drawing new attention from female fans after revealing their secret to maintaining their slim and trim figure.

On March 8th, the girls shared the photo above via their official me2day page revealing their ‘paper cup’ diet, as well as their own stretching techniques to acquire a slim waist line.

The photos showed Sera and Hyemi, who have been on this ‘paper cup’ diet for the past five months, walking viewers through the process.

The ‘paper cup’ diet is rather simple. First, prepare three paper cups and fill one with fruit, another with rice, and the last with side dishes for each meal.

Make sure you do not fill to exceed the brim of the cups, the girls say. In addition, the rice should be brown or mixed-grain, and salty/greasy foods should be avoided.

The girls also emphasized that it’s important to always eat three meals a day, and exercise on a regular basis.

Netizens who saw their diet plan remarked, “They’re not called ‘model’ idols for nothing,” “How can they sing and dance eating only that?”, and “So hard to be a singer…

In related news, Nine Muses released their new track “Ticket” on March 8th and drew attention with their ‘pin-up girl’-concept.

Source & Image : TVDaily via Nate

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