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Lee Min Ho cast in his first historical drama, ‘Faith’

Actor Lee Min Ho will be taking his first step into the sageuk (historical drama) field with his first casting in the historical drama, ‘Faith‘.

In the upcoming SBS‘s Wednesday-Thursday drama, ‘Faith’, which will air around August, Lee Min Ho will act as Admiral Choi Young, as part of King Gongmin’s escort. He later becomes General Choi.

‘Faith’, a fusion sageuk, is about a Goryeo Dynasty warrior who meets a female doctor from the modern times, and together help make a king who will truly care for and heal the people. The drama will be produced by writer Song Ji Na and PD Kim Jong Hak, who’ve worked together to create hit dramas like ‘Sandglass‘ and ‘Eyes of the Dawn‘.

Through his agency, Starhaus Entertainment, Lee Min Ho stated, “Right when I read the script, I was pulled into it and read until part 6 in a dash…As I already like sageuks, and have been looking to appear in a sageuk for an image change, it seems like I’ve found an armor that fits my body.”

Source: Sports Donga via Nate

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Lee Min Ho and Yeo Jin Goo in April’s GQ Magazine

Conversation: SOOMPI

Yeo Jin Goo and Lee Min Ho, who both played the child roles from “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” were featured in GQ’s April issue, along with other up and coming stars.

In the pictures that surfaced, Yeo Jin Goo is wearing a pastel tone jacket and pants, bringing out the softer side in the actor. Playing the balancing act, a single shoe is placed on his head and the actor is posing with a mysterious expression on his face.

With a white blazer draped around his shoulders, Lee Min Ho’s all-white look was simple yet modern. To add a pop of colour, the actor is wearing a pair of electric blue running shoes.

Both actors gave startling and powerful performances in the drama and the entertainment and fashion industry is picking up on their star quality vibes.

Netizens commented on the pictures saying, “Even without their hanboks, they don’t look awkward. They look even better!”

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Lee Min Ho freezes up the streets of Hong Kong

Actor Lee Min Ho recently froze up the streets of Hong Kong while on a trip for his advertisement filming.

On March 1st, a Chinese newspaper reported, “Lee Min Ho’s arrival in Hong Kong for his advertisement filming has paralyzed the streets of Hong Kong. His tall height and handsome looks were recognized by fans from a far distance, who all immediately gathered to catch a closer glimpse of the star.”

Reporters were met with a bit of a riff with the staff since they weren’t allowed to film the scene to avoid spoiling the actual CF.

Chinese netizens commented, “Lee Min Ho is so hot!” and “I hope he films a Chinese drama soon!”

Source + Photos: Donga via Naver

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