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Kim Soo Hyun to reveal behind-the-scene stories of ‘Moon-Sun’ on ‘Taxi’

Actor Kim Soo Hyun will be revealing behind-the-scene stories of the popular drama ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun‘ on the upcoming episode of tvN‘s ‘Taxi‘.

Producer Kim Jong Hoon of ‘Taxi’ stated, “We asked Kim Soo Hyun about making an appearance on ‘Taxi’ towards the end of 2011, before the ‘Moon that Embraces the Sun’ became popular. When he made his visit to ‘Taxi’ despite his busy schedule after the drama ended, we were really grateful for his loyalty.

‘Taxi’, which has been gaining popularity because if its honest interviews with celebrities, will be airing Kim Soo Hyun’s episode on April 5th KST.

Source + image via Nate

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miss A’s Suzy Addresses Rumors of Dating Kim Soo Hyun and SHINee’s Minho

Conversation: SOOMPI Rumors of Dating Kim Soo Hyun and SHINee’s Minho

On April 2, miss A’s Suzy made a guest appearance on MBC “Come to Play.” During the episode, Suzy was asked about her recent love triangle rumor involving Kim Soo Hyun and SHINee’s Minho.

“We’re pretty close friends so we exchanged some text messages. But when I mentioned that on TV, things got overblown…We still keep in touch once in a while,” Suzy said.

She was later asked if she would give her phone number to a male celebrity, to which she immediately answered, “Yes!” She added that she would feel bad if someone didn’t give her the number when she wanted to become friends with a male celebrity she’s interested in.

But when asked if there have been any male celebrity that actually asked for her number, Suzy just gave off a mysterious smile, with a succinct, “Yes,” leaving many fans questioning who it was.

Netizens commented, “I’m shipping Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun,” “Why did she not say anything about Minho?” and “Suzy has a sexy smile.”

***Watch the clip by clicking on the blue tab on the top right corner of the screenshot***

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Who is the #1 Male-Male celebrity couple?

An online portal site recently held a survey asking its participants, “Which male celebrities do you want to mix together?

The couple voted as the male celebrities poll takers most wanted to mix together were actors Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Il Woo, who both starred in MBC‘s ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun‘.

The young men dominated the voting process as the most favored ‘Male-Male couple’ by capturing 45% of the total votes. Following right behind were couples, Kang Dong Won and Won Bin while third place went to actors Yoo Ah In and Lee Jae Hoon who are currently filming SBS‘s ‘Fashion King‘, and ‘One Night Two Days‘s Lee Seung Gi and Lee Seo Jin came in last with 5%. Lee Seo Jin once guested on KBS‘s ‘One Night Two Days’ and received much love for his heartwarming sunbae-hoobae relationship with Lee Seung Gi.

Which other Male-Male couple should be on this list?

Source + Photos: Osen via Nate

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KBS’ ‘Dream High’ to be made into a musical in Japan

20120322 dreamhigh 1

KBS2 drama series ‘Dream High‘ will be turned into a musical in Japan.

According to a report released by a Japanese entertainment media outlet March 21st, KBS ‘Dream High’ season 1, which was first broadcast in January of last year, will be turned into a musical in Japan.

The first performance is scheduled to take place at Tokyo’s New National Theatre on July 3rd, and the musical will be based off the hit drama series.

The drama ‘Dream High’ was co-produced by actor Bae Yong Jun of ‘Key East‘ and J.Y. Park of ‘JYP Entertainment‘. The first season featured miss A‘s Suzy, 2PM‘s Taecyeon & Wooyoung, T-ara‘s Eunjung, IU, along with Kim Soo Hyun, Uhm Ki Joon, Lee Yoon Ji, and more. In Kim Soo Hyun’s case, his role in ‘Dream High’ was a stepping stone towards becoming a top star, seizing a role in ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun‘ which recently came to an end.

In the musical, the role of ‘Song Sam Dong’, which was originally played by Kim Soo Hyun, will be taken on by Matsushita Yuya, the youngest person to perform at Michael Jackson’s commemoration stage, and the role of ‘Jin Gook’, originally played by Taecyeon, will played by Mizuta Kouki.

The musical will be put on from July 3rd to the 20th, and tickets will begin selling May 27th.

Source & Image : HK via Nate

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International poster for ‘The Thieves’ released

Kim Yoon Suk, Kim Hye Soo, Lee Jung Jae, Jun Ji Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun

A star-studded cast that is hard to find all together in a single movie. The international poster for Director Choi Dong Hoon’s movie, ‘The Thieves‘, was unveiled, boasting an impressive line up.

On March 19th, production company, Showbox, revealed the poster of ‘The Thieves’ on their Facebook page. Kim Yoon Suk is seen leading a group of 9 people as they walk down an alleyway. What caught the eye of many netizens were the toned arms of Kim Soo Hyun, who has recently seen his popularity soar through the drama, ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun.’

Netizens commented, “Seeing the poster is making me excited. I have to watch this movie“, “I hope that summer comes soon“, and “The cast for this movie is unbelievable“,

‘The Thieves’ is about 5 Korean professional thieves who have never made a mistake. They are called in by their previous boss, MacauPark who has a sweet offer. So they, along with 4 thieves from China, travel to a Macau casino to steal a rare diamond called ‘the tear of the sun.’ The movie is scheduled for a summer release.

Source: Sports Donga

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Kim Soo Hyun looks like Big Foot

20120319 kimsoohyun

Although Kim Soo Hyun was wearing long trousers, he was unable to hide his hairy legs.

On the March 18th episode of MBC‘s ‘Section TV Entertainment News‘, the filming site for Kim Soo Hyun and Shin Se Kyung‘s new CF was revealed.

Reporter Wang Bae spotted Kim Soo Hyun’s hairy legs and asked the cameraman to capture a shot of it. “Seeing the ‘Moon-Sun’ actor’s leg hair in real life, he looks like big-foot“, he said.

The reporter asked, “Do you normally have a lot of hair?” to which the actor replied, “No. It’s just…” and caused viewers to laugh.

The reporter then questioned Shin Se Kyung whether she liked men that have a lot of hair. However, the actress was left speechless and laughed while looking down.

Souce & Image: Newsen via Nate

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Take a final look at the BTS of ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’

20120316 moonsun 0 600x297

MBC‘s “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” has finally come to a close with it’s record breaking viewer ratings on March 15th.

A slew of photos from the set of the final days of shooting have been released in honor of the drama’s successful closure. The photos prove as evidence of the close bonds that were formed amongst the cast members.

In particular, the first few photos are from Kim Soo Hyun, Jung Eun Pyo, and Jung Il Woo‘s last day. The three musketeers of the drama Hwon (Kim Soo Hyun), Hyung Sun (Jung Eun Pyo), and Woon (Song Jae Rim) are found holding a long embrace in tears. The three actors were the viewers favorites as their teamwork was fantastic both on and off screen. A couple photos titled, “This right here is a high fashion pose~!!!” showed the silly trio posing in unison during the filming of Hwon’s wedding.

Check out the photos below!

Find video coverage of each actor’s final goodbyes on the official website.

Source: MBC

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Kim Soo Hyun releases another OST for ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun’

Just a day after releasing an OST for his ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun‘ drama, actor Kim Soo Hyun is back with another digital release titled “Another Way“!

While “Only You” had a traditional ballad feel, “Another Way” feels more modern in its composition, especially with Kim Soo Hyun’s husky singing voice.

“Only You” is already topping major digital music charts, so it should only be a matter of time before he overtakes his own achievements with his latest release.

Check out the song below!

Source + Photos: Segye via Nate

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Fat Cat wants to do a duet with Kim Soo Hyun

On March 12th, Fat Cat guested on ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio‘ and revealed that she would love to perform a duet with actor Kim Soo Hyun.

When asked by DJs Sungmin and Ryeowook who she would like to duet with, Fat Cat replied with MBC‘s current hottest star of the hit drama, ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun‘.

Taking the opportunity, the DJs urged her to leave an audio message for the actor to hear. In a nervous voice, she said, “I’m so nervous, I don’t know what to say… I’ve been such a fan of your acting since your ‘Dream High‘ days. I’d love to go on stage and sing together.”

Considering Kim Soo Hyun’s singing talent, it’s a stage we’re sure fans are also hoping to see!

Check out her responses below! (Stars around the 1:44:10 mark)

Fat Cat also received an early birthday surprise on the show, which falls on March 14th, the same day as ‘White Day’. “It feels like a dream to receive congratulatory birthday wishes in such a family-like environment. Thank you so much for genuinely wishing me a happy birthday to our Super Junior seniors and the producers.”

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