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f(x)’s Krystal once again under fire for her attitude


f(x)‘s Krystal is once again being put under fire for her attitude on television.

The ladies of f(x) appeared on Mnet‘s ‘Wide Entertainment News‘ to promote their latest title track “Electric Shock” and to have a brief interview with the emcees.

During the intervew, MCs Hong Jong Hyun and Yi Sol Ji shared an amusing photo of Krystal with Super Junior leader Leeteuk, revealing a hilarious contrast between cute and scary. Commenting on how the girl had also played a conceited character on MBC’s ‘High Kick Through the Roof‘, Hong Jong Hyun said, ”I heard Krystal is two-faced.”


Upon hearing his remark, Krystal’s eyes darkened and she bit her lower lip vexingly as if holding in her anger. A few netizens took notice of her drawn-out reaction, sharing screenshots on community forums.

Unsure of how to respond, Krystal glanced at Luna before Victoria said a few seconds later, “She’s not really like that. When we’re together, she’s playful.” Luna also said, “Krystal’s two sides aren’t a bad thing. She’s charismatic and confident onstage, but in reality she’s charming and acts like the maknae.

This isn’t the first time f(x)’s maknae has been rebuked for her attitude. Last month, many noticed that Krystal kept glaring at KARA‘s Seungyeon during a race on SBSRunning Man‘. In 2010 & 2011, Krystal was also widely criticized for paying no attention to other guests during ‘Quiz to Change the World‘, disrespecting staff offscreen, and being a difficult student to her skating instructor on ‘Kiss & Cry‘.

Upon seeing the screen captures, netizens’ responses were split between, “She needs to fix her attitude,” and, “Why is Mnet asking such question in the first place?

What do you think? Does Krystal need an attitude fix or was the MC rude for asking this question?

Source & Image: TV Daily via Nate

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Music Therapy: Summer Lovin’ (Stage 2: The Honeymoon)


When you first start liking somebody in a romantic way, you may become increasingly preoccupied with thoughts of him or her. You may want, like, and eventually, fall in love with that significant other. If this is the case for you, then it seems that you are currently floating around in what some people refer to as “the honeymoon stage” of your relationship. And what better time than the lazy summer to flutter around, as you spend hours with that special somebody under the sun and within your daydreams?

In this edition of Music Therapy, we present Stage 2: The Honeymoon, in which we explore the cheery and heart-racing moments you may experience at the start of a relationship. Before you proceed, check out last week’s edition of ‘Music Therapy: Summer Lovin’ (Stage 1: The Crush)‘ if you haven’t already!

– PART I: Shut up and be mine! –

2NE1‘s “Be Mine“: As fun as it is to pursue a crush, search for signs of mutual interest, and fantasize about what could be, some of us are fed up with the chase and would like our relationship and our answers on a platter. 2NE1 seems to feel the same way in their song “Be Mine”, as they sing:

So just shut up and be mine.
I’m right here in front of you.
Don’t hesitate anymore.
Take my hand right now.
We’ll make it through anything
You’re the only one I’ve been [waiting for]

[recommended by tammyVIP]

The song features an interesting combination of a sway-inducing, relaxing tune and assertive lyrics that reflect both the longing and impatient desire for an official, romantic relationship. Take a listen to this calm yet feisty sound, and feel encouraged to finally make your confident confession to end your longing.

Additional Recommendations:

SHINee– “Hello

Fin.K.L – “Forever Love

Be my love now,
I want to lean everything on you.
You are the one to always take care of me,
Promise me an unchanging forever love.

What kind of proposal would you like to receive/give? Comment below!

– PART II: Loveydovey! –

Girls’ Generation‘s “Kissing You“: Once you begin your summer romance, you may fall under the spell of feeling lovey-dovey. Symptoms may include: heavy sighs, frequent phone checks, and spontaneous urges to sing as you skip down the street. A lot of us probably will not act on these desires to feature in our very own happy-go-lucky fantasy-musicals. But we can at least fulfill our daily dose of fluff by listening to tunes such as SNSD’s “Kissing You”!

With you dear I match my pace [with yours] and,
I hold your two hands and,
[as] I lay on your shoulder, I want to tell you–
Thank you, I love you, I will only give you happiness,
kissing you, oh my love.

Not only will the combination of string and digital sounds keep your shoulders and feet upbeat, but the sweet and thankful lyrics will swell your mind with sentimental flashbacks of your own cute, puppy-love moments–Korean drama style!

Additional Recommendations:

Super Junior– “No Other

[recommended by ELF-ish]

Mighty Mouth – “Tok Tok

What is your definition of perfect relationship? Tell us by commenting below!

PART III: Can You Feel the LOVE?

Ga In & Jo Kwon‘s “We Fell In Love“: You know things are starting to get serious when that big “L” word echoes throughout your mind, but you may hesitate to admit to it right away. The famous Adam Couple from the variety show ‘We Got Married’ seem to also be experiencing the happy dilemma as they sing the nervous yet hopeful jingle:

What kind of feeling is this? You and I.
Do we feel the same? You and I.
One thing that I do know
is that we smile only when we are together.

Is this love? You and I.
Do we feel the same? You and I
Can we say that we love each other?

Perhaps you’ll come to your own conclusion that your love interest really is someone who will warm your heart no matter the season, be it the frigid winter or sweltering summer!

Additional recommendation:

Lee Seung Hoon & Baek Ah Yeon – “Ma Boy 2” [cover of Electroboyz]

Original song linked

Gan Mi Yeon & Junsu (2PM) – “Sunshine

Are you currently in love? Have you found your potential soulmate? Tell us your story!


With that, we conclude our second edition of Music Therapy! Let us know what you thought of our choices in the comments below, and leave suggestions for next time, when we create another playlist for Summer Lovin’ (Part 3: The Comfort Zone).

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Super Junior’s Siwon introduces his… son?


Choi Siwon of Super Junior just posted a photo on Twitter introducing his son, immediately drawing attention from the singer’s fans worldwide immediately.

Introducing my son, aigoo, the road ahead of him is dark,” Siwon introduced in the caption. As you can see below, the photo is none other than a Photoshopped polaroid of Eunhyuk on a baby’s body.


Upon seeing the hilarious photo and Siwon’s pessimism, Eunhyuk tweeted back in protest, “This guy has a bright future!

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Sungmin hints at Super Junior’s sixth comeback


Fans have been buzzing about Super Junior‘s return for a while now, and with Sungmin‘s latest blog post, it looks like the young men have begun gearing up for the July comeback!

The message that has fans stirring is quoted below –

At last, Super Junior 6jib teaser..!!

not a lot of time left..
when can we perform..
I want to do it sooner..

Fans have flooded the post with questions and comments, vocally wondering if this means that Super Junior has begun filming for the upcoming MV. Others have noted that the members have begun undergoing hairstyle changes, with Sungmin going ahead with the platinum blonde, Yesung becoming a redhead, Shindong going auburn, and Kyuhyun getting a new ‘do.

Everything is still under the wraps, so we won’t know for certain until SM Entertainment releases more information. Keep tuning into allkpop until then!

Source: Naver

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Big Bang dominates first half of 2012, expected to surpass half-million mark in album sales


Idol group Big Bang has dominated the K-Pop scene for the first half of 2012, both online and off.

Big Bang is currently in first place with the most albums sold within the first half of the year. Their mini-album ‘Alive‘ and their special edition album ‘Still Alive‘ have combined to surpass 400,000 units in sales. Their force was strong on the music charts as well. Title songs “Fantastic Baby” and “Monster” along with many of the subtracks on the albums ranked highly on the charts. The boys who boast a wide and solid fan base in Korea have kicked off their World Tour, and are also slowly dominating the market overseas. Because the boys made a comeback after members Daesung and G-Dragon went through some difficult and trying times, this album is that much more meaningful for both the group members and the fans alike.

At this rate, it looks like Big Bang’s album sales will be able to easily surpass the half million mark. ‘Alive’ released last February (280,000 copies), and ‘Still Alive’ released earlier this month (120,000 copies) sold over 400,000 copies as of the first week of June. In second place was Girls’ Generation‘s sub-unit TaeTiSeo and JYJ‘s Kim Junsu (XIA) who both sold 120,000 copies. That’s a difference of nearly 300,000 copies between first and second place, so Big Bang is comfortably leading the race. An insider from album distribution group Korean Music Partners remarked, “420,000 albums have been shipped, and nearly all the albums have been sold in the markets. Without a doubt, Big Bang is in first place when it comes to most albums sold within the first half of the year. They will easily surpass 500,000 copies.”

Super Junior will be releasing an album in July,” the rep continued. “It looks like the two groups will be battling it out for most album sales this year.”

Big Bang is the only artist this year to have all the songs on their albums rank high on music charts. Their agency YG Entertainment remarked, “All the songs on the album were dubbed title tracks. We did not focus on promoting just one song, rather, we wanted to introduce all of the songs. That’s how much confidence we had in the quality of the album. The hard work seems to have paid off, reaping positive results when it came to sales numbers and success on the music charts.

The boys received an explosive response from overseas as well. As of June 15th, the MV for their song “Fantastic Baby” recorded 27,600,000 views on YouTube, while the MV for ”Blue” received more than 23 million views. They are both in first place for the highest viewed K-Pop music videos released this year. What’s more, Big Bang’s albums and merchandise are now being sold to all corners of the world on newly opened YGStore on E-bay. According to E-bay Korea, over $12,000 worth of merchandise was sold in a single day, breaking a new-seller record in the past two years.

Responding to the fans’ response, the boys have kicked off their world tour. Their tour was produced by Live Nation, the experts behind tours for world-famous pop stars such as Madonna and Lady Gaga. Live Nation recently opened up a branch in Korea for the very firs time, and Big Bang is the first Korean artists they have worked with. Live Nation’s Alan Ridgeway remarked, “I am glad to be able to bring Big Bang to K-Pop fans all over the world. It will contribute to further spreading K-Pop all over the world.”

Big Bang has just completed shows in Osaka and Yokohama, and are headed to Saitama and Fukuoka next. Once their Japan tour comes to an end, the boys will be traveling to China, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and more.

Source & Image: IlganSports via Nate

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Super Junior Ryeowook’s impresses with his ‘Immortal Song 2′ performance


Super Junior‘s Ryeowook recently displayed his singing talent while recording for ‘Immortal Song 2′.

Following behind the footsteps of fellow Super Junior members Yesung and Kyuhyun, who have previously performed on KBS‘s ‘Immortal Song: Legendary Folktale Songs’, Ryeowook sang a cover of Yang Hee Eun‘s “White Magnolia” for the popular show.

Before performing, Ryeowook calmly explained to the audience, “[Because] I personally like Yang Hee Eun sunbae-nim’s song, I will deliver my own version of it.“ He proceeded to then display a singing ability that seemed more remarkable than what he has shown through previous idol activities. The audience members as well as fellow singers listening in the waiting room were reported to be shocked with his great performance.

Both the fellow singers on the show as well as the MCs later praised Ryeowook’s singing, as they said, “He has a sweet and beautiful voice,” “His performance was focused and powerful,” and “His performance was the kind that left a lingering sound in the room.

The episode in which Ryeowook displays his abilities will be broadcasted on June 16th.

Source & Image: TV Daily via Nate

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Bada had no idea Kyuhyun was a member of Super Junior


Singer Bada unintentionally dissed Super Junior member Kyuhyun.

Veteran singer Kim Wan Sun, Bada, and SISTAR‘s Hyorin guest-featured on the June 13th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘.

Bada opened up about her days as a member of original female idol group S.E.S saying, “All our songs were hits. The songs were good, and so was the company,” referring to her former company SM Entertainment.

MC Kyuhyun who is also under SM Entertainment seemed to agree that SM was a good company, and also agreed with MC Yoon Jong Shin who said, “S.E.S laid the foundation for SM Entertainment.”

But this seemed to surprise Bada who said, “Kyuhyun is under the same company? SM? You’re that Kyuhyun from Super Junior?”, to which a dumbfounded Kyuhyun responded, “This is the most flustered I’ve felt all year.

I really didn’t know, you look like a solo singer,” Bada said in an attempt to comfort him, but an adorably upset Kyuhyun evoked laughter with his own diss saying, “To be honest, I liked Fin.K.L (S.E.S’ rivals) better.”


Source & Image: MyDaily via Nate

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SISTAR’s Hyorin gives her number to Super Junior’s Kyuhyun on ‘Radio Star’


SISTAR‘s Hyorin gave her phone number to program MC and Super Junior member Kyuhyun during the June 13th episode of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘.

Hyorin was one of the special guests on the show and Kyuhyun recalled his previous encounter with Hyorin where he asked for her number, as he was trying to put together an after party for the ‘Immortal Song 2‘ contestants.

“Hyorin actually gave me her manager’s number and not hers,” Kyuhyun revealed. Hyorin then tried to explain herself saying, “It was shortly after my debut, and my agency was very concerned. I wanted to go to the after party, but my agency somehow found out about it first and told me not to go.”

Hearing this, the MCs on the show took out a piece of paper and told Hyorin to take this opportunity to give him her real number this time. Despite looking a bit dumbfounded, Hyorin did just that, jotting down her digits for the Super Junior member.

Kyuhyun is one lucky guy!


Source & Image: Star News via Nate

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JYJ’s Junsu achieves a new record on Gaon Chart with ‘TARANTALLEGRA’!


JYJ Junsu‘s solo album, TARANTALLEGRA, is seeing a lot of success despite the lack of broadcast promotions.

It has passed the 120,000 sales mark, achieving a new record on Gaon! A Gaon Chart representative commented, “XIA – TARANTALLEGRA has reached the 120,000 mark last week, and recorded the highest number by a solo artist on Gaon Chart… This is the biggest number of sales for a solo artist since Gaon Chart was established. Even though there hasn’t been any broadcast promotions, because this is an album with a variety of genres incorporated into it, it has brought in new fans in addition to existing fans.”

As well as his domestic success in Korea, Junsu’s music video is gaining interest in China. Back in May, the music video for ‘TARANTALLEGRA’ achieved first place on Chinese music video website Yin Yue Tai‘s monthly chart. Junsu’s record label representatives from C-JeS Entertainment commented on the feat, saying, “We know that the people of China have difficulty in accessing Youtube and Twitter, and that any album that rises on their music video site reflects the public interest and standards of China. There is a great significance attached to [Junsu’s] accomplishment, especially considering the fact that ‘TARANTALLEGRA’ ranked above the music videos of Super Junior and Taetiseo, who both have had broadcast performances and promotions.”

Furthermore, Junsu’s Asia Tour is in the process of achieving great success. This past May, Junsu held a series of 10 concerts at the Jamsil Stadium in Korea, selling out 15,000 seats. His tour stops in Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan, have also sold out.

In light of Junsu’s recent achievements, C-JeS Entertainment’s CEO Baek Chang Joo stated, “We expected the restriction from broadcasting activity, and decided to take a more direct approach. We set our goals on making an album of 12 songs, enlisting the best American choreographer, and organizing a series of perfect concerts. Furthermore, we produced a world class quality music video and didn’t hesitate in investing in it, and the outcome was a success. I believe this was possible because we had belief and confidence in Junsu’s ability as an artist.

In other news, Junsu recently posted the dance version of his TARANTALLEGRA on Youtube. Make sure to go and see what all the buzz is about!

Source & picture: TV Report

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