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KARA releases CF videos for their latest endorsement with ‘Soy KARA’

On April 10th, KARA was selected as the new endorsement models for Oscar‘s snack brand, ‘Soy KARA‘, in Japan.

Japanese media outlets attended the endorsement conference for ‘Soy KARA’ on the 11th, where the girls introduced the snack to be a low 123 calorie snack with beans as its main ingredient.

KARA will be releasing two CF versions of the product titled ‘stuck to the waist’ and ‘chubby KARA’. The first will feature the girls wearing gold outfits and dancing to show off their slim waists, while the latter features Nicole having gained weight due to excessive consumption of competing products.

On her ‘chubby transformation’, Nicole commented, “It took over two hours to make that transformation. I was scared at first but I had a lot of fun since it was my first time.” Hara added, “I also had fun seeing a new side of Nicole.”

CFs will start airing all over Japan on the 14th with ‘SPEED UP‘, the title track of the girls’ sixth Japanese single’, as the CM song.

Check out the CFs below!

Source + Photos: Herald M via Naver

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KARA acknowledged as the current “hot models” in advertising

KARA is receiving the spotlight as the current “hot models” of the Korean advertisement industry.

After KARA resumed activities in Korea starting last June, they signed a total of six contracts to promote brands as endorsement models.

The KARA members are currently models for cosmetics (Nature Republic), cars (Kia Pride), casual and sports clothing (Kappa, Union Bay), food (Snickers, Mango Six) among others. Usually the endorsement models for these types of huge brands are reserved for big-name actors, but KARA is showing that they can promote a variety of products and produce positive results.

When considering that they only returned to Korea to promote their 3rd album for three weeks last September, the fact that the group still continuously appeared in commercials to greet their fans as models while receiving high praise for their work is truly amazing. KARA is not only in advertising in their native Korea, but are active in Japan as well, where they are in advertisements for products like hair dye, pastries, and drinks, proving their worth overseas as well.

KARA will start their concert tour ‘KARASIA‘ in Yokohama on April 14th. The group will tour around Japan visiting other sites such as Nagoya, Osaka, and Toyko to perform in front of 130,000 screaming, adoring fans.

The tickets to the concerts were sold out immediately after sales began so two additional shows at Saitama Super Arena have been included to the tour. Once they finish the ‘KARASIA’ tour in Japan, KARA plans to focus on their work in Korea.

Source: Herald Kyungje via Naver

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KARA’s “Mister” selected as the #1 most sung song at karaoke in Japan

Girl group KARA who is at the forefront of the Hallyu Wave has also seized the karaoke charts.

On April 9th, KARA guest-featured on Fuji TV‘s hit variety program ‘Hey Hey Hey‘ and was acknowledged as the top artist when it came to karaoke.

The production crew revealed that KARA’s “Mister” was the #1 most sung song at Japanese karaoke cafés since 1990.

KARA who has started the ‘hip dance’ craze in both Korea and Japan triumphed mega popular Japanese group AKB48 for the top karaoke spot.

Ahead of this, large karaoke system company Daiichi Kosho also selected KARA’s “Mister” as the most requested song at karaoke last year.

This is meaningful to the girls, as it proves that their easy to sing melodies were most-preferred by the ordinary citizens of Japan.

In related news, KARA will be embarking on large-scale Asia Tour this May, covering China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and more.

Check out their performance of “Speed Up” and interview from Hey Hey Hey below!


Source & Image: Star News via Nate

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Kara’s “Mister” Beats AKB48 As Most Popularly Sung Tune at Karaoke

Kara has not only taken Japan by storm, but has taken over the hearts of Japanese Karaoke lovers.

Kara made an appearance on the hit Japanese show “Hey!Hey!Hey!” and was acknowledged as the most loved singer at the Karaoke. Kara’s hit song “Mister” was chosen as the most popularly sung tune at Karaoke after 1990.

Kara’s hit song “Mister” that garnered much popularity with its butt dance not only in Korea, but also Japan, beat out AKB48 and claimed the number one spot. Among the top ten songs, there were songs by popular Japanese artists SMAP and Arashi, as well.

Kara also did well on the most popular Karaoke song list compiled by the Japanese Karaoke system manufacture Daiichi Kosho at the end of last year. Kara’s “Mister” came in second, and Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” came in third.

This is a great achievement for Kara because an artist’s popularity at the Karaoke is an indication an artist’s overall popularity. Kara was able to increase their brand awareness with their easy to follow choreography and catchy melody.

In other news, Kara is continuing their “KARASIA” tour, stopping at five major Japanese cities, as well as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, for a total of six to seven countries.

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Nicole Turns Into a Fatty For Snack CF

Conversation: SOOMPI

Popular girl group KARA’s recently revealed Japanese snack CF is receiving a lot of attention amongst fans due to Nicole’s shocking transformation into a plump large sized girl. Reactions among netizens were favourable, with many remarking that Nichole still looked cute in her over sized form.

The CF is part of a line of healty low calorie snacks being launched by Otsuka Pharmaceutical. The company along with KARA revealed the 2 CFs during a launch press conference held on April. 10. One of these CFs was the "Obese KARA" edition, which garnered attention for it’s witty concept and special make up on Nicole.


The concept of the CF involves the KARA members dancing to their new song "Speed Up." As the camera shifts between each member, we move to Nicole who is looking a lot more plump than usual. However this was all just part of Nicole’s imagination, where she imagines that she turns obese after snacking to her hearts content. The CF ends with Nicole eating the company’s snacks and returning to her slimmer form. The CF is expected to air in Japan starting from the 14th.

Here is the CF in question, what do you think?

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The Boss Reveals Third Teaser for “SHADOW” Featuring Jay

The Boss is definitely nowhere near stopping when it comes to teasing fans on their upcoming Korean comeback. Days after the image teaser for Karam was unveiled, a teaser featuring member Jay has been released.

Like Karam’s teaser, Jay is seen brooding and lost in deep thought. While Karam was sitting on a bench in the video, Jay is leaned against the window. The same music in previous teaser is still the same one heard and again does not reveal much of the group’s new song.

SHADOW” will be released on April 17. This is The Boss’ first full length album since their debut in 2010. This album will be the group’s first release for the year since their last single, “Lady,” in October 2011.

Check out the video here and stay tuned to Soompi for more updates!

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2PM’s Taecyeon and Kara’s Kang Ji Young Welcome Nell’s Comeback

2PM’s Taecyeon and Kara’s Kang Ji Young showed their excitement over the release of modern rock band Nell’s comeback track, “The Day Before.”

On April 10, Taecyeon tweeted, “Nell sunbae nim made their comeback. The song is awesome. I heard it’s raining in Korea, but I think the song will sound even better on a rainy day.”

Kara’s Kang Ji Young echoed his sentiment by tweeting, “Nell sunbae nim’s album is finally out! Yesss!”

Nell made their return in nearly four years on April 10 by releasing the music video for “The Day Before,” the title track from their fifth album. The song is a classic Nell track, featuring guitar and piano sounds, as well as the unique vocals of Kim Jong Wan.

In case you haven’t seen the MV yet, here’s the full clip for “The Day Before.” Enjoy!

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SHINee’s Key Snaps Photo with “91-Line” Idol Stars

On April 8, SHINee’s Key posted a group photo with his fellow “91-line” idol stars on SHINee’s official me2day page. With the caption that read, “The ’91-Line’ got together for the first time in a while in Thailand! I guess a few people are missing,” Key shared a photo taken with Kara’s Nicole, SISTAR’s Soyu, Infinite’s Nam Woo Hyun, BEAST’s Son Dong Woon, and FT Island’s Lee Jae Jin.

In the photo, the six idol stars show their close friendship as they make a playful gesture with their hands stretched out, evoking the image of cartoon characters. Fans have been impressed by the camaraderie of the 1991-born stars, even though they all come from different groups.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “I was born in 1991 too, can I join you guys?” “Where’s 2AM’s Jinwoon?” and “Who else is missing?”

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Kara’s Perfume “K5J” to Begin Selling in Japan Mid-April

Conversation: SOOMPI

Kara’s own perfume will soon be released! “K5J” is short for “Kara 5 Jewel.” The meaning of “Kara 5 Jewel” is that the perfume is a special jewel that is made by the five members of Kara. As we reported in the past, Kara went to France in 2011 in order to meet manufacturers to choose fragrances and designs.


Kara stated, “We hope that fans will also get to feel the brilliant sunshine of Paris and also the happy fragrance. Without the continued support of fans we would not have this opportunity. Thank you so much.”

Individuals that purchase “K5J” (In Japan) will also receive a DVD that contains making-of footage. Also, if an individual purchases the perfume by June they will receive an invitation to their summer event.

Currently “K5J” is available for pre-sale on their website Also, the perfume will be sold at the Japanese concerts starting from April 14 from their “KARASIA” tour.

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