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Music Therapy: Summer Lovin’ (Stage 2: The Honeymoon)


When you first start liking somebody in a romantic way, you may become increasingly preoccupied with thoughts of him or her. You may want, like, and eventually, fall in love with that significant other. If this is the case for you, then it seems that you are currently floating around in what some people refer to as “the honeymoon stage” of your relationship. And what better time than the lazy summer to flutter around, as you spend hours with that special somebody under the sun and within your daydreams?

In this edition of Music Therapy, we present Stage 2: The Honeymoon, in which we explore the cheery and heart-racing moments you may experience at the start of a relationship. Before you proceed, check out last week’s edition of ‘Music Therapy: Summer Lovin’ (Stage 1: The Crush)‘ if you haven’t already!

– PART I: Shut up and be mine! –

2NE1‘s “Be Mine“: As fun as it is to pursue a crush, search for signs of mutual interest, and fantasize about what could be, some of us are fed up with the chase and would like our relationship and our answers on a platter. 2NE1 seems to feel the same way in their song “Be Mine”, as they sing:

So just shut up and be mine.
I’m right here in front of you.
Don’t hesitate anymore.
Take my hand right now.
We’ll make it through anything
You’re the only one I’ve been [waiting for]

[recommended by tammyVIP]

The song features an interesting combination of a sway-inducing, relaxing tune and assertive lyrics that reflect both the longing and impatient desire for an official, romantic relationship. Take a listen to this calm yet feisty sound, and feel encouraged to finally make your confident confession to end your longing.

Additional Recommendations:

SHINee– “Hello

Fin.K.L – “Forever Love

Be my love now,
I want to lean everything on you.
You are the one to always take care of me,
Promise me an unchanging forever love.

What kind of proposal would you like to receive/give? Comment below!

– PART II: Loveydovey! –

Girls’ Generation‘s “Kissing You“: Once you begin your summer romance, you may fall under the spell of feeling lovey-dovey. Symptoms may include: heavy sighs, frequent phone checks, and spontaneous urges to sing as you skip down the street. A lot of us probably will not act on these desires to feature in our very own happy-go-lucky fantasy-musicals. But we can at least fulfill our daily dose of fluff by listening to tunes such as SNSD’s “Kissing You”!

With you dear I match my pace [with yours] and,
I hold your two hands and,
[as] I lay on your shoulder, I want to tell you–
Thank you, I love you, I will only give you happiness,
kissing you, oh my love.

Not only will the combination of string and digital sounds keep your shoulders and feet upbeat, but the sweet and thankful lyrics will swell your mind with sentimental flashbacks of your own cute, puppy-love moments–Korean drama style!

Additional Recommendations:

Super Junior– “No Other

[recommended by ELF-ish]

Mighty Mouth – “Tok Tok

What is your definition of perfect relationship? Tell us by commenting below!

PART III: Can You Feel the LOVE?

Ga In & Jo Kwon‘s “We Fell In Love“: You know things are starting to get serious when that big “L” word echoes throughout your mind, but you may hesitate to admit to it right away. The famous Adam Couple from the variety show ‘We Got Married’ seem to also be experiencing the happy dilemma as they sing the nervous yet hopeful jingle:

What kind of feeling is this? You and I.
Do we feel the same? You and I.
One thing that I do know
is that we smile only when we are together.

Is this love? You and I.
Do we feel the same? You and I
Can we say that we love each other?

Perhaps you’ll come to your own conclusion that your love interest really is someone who will warm your heart no matter the season, be it the frigid winter or sweltering summer!

Additional recommendation:

Lee Seung Hoon & Baek Ah Yeon – “Ma Boy 2” [cover of Electroboyz]

Original song linked

Gan Mi Yeon & Junsu (2PM) – “Sunshine

Are you currently in love? Have you found your potential soulmate? Tell us your story!


With that, we conclude our second edition of Music Therapy! Let us know what you thought of our choices in the comments below, and leave suggestions for next time, when we create another playlist for Summer Lovin’ (Part 3: The Comfort Zone).

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Singer Yun Hyun Suk to be married in May + comeback in June


Singer Yun Hyuk Suk, who received much popularity for his song “Love“, will be getting married on May 5th at the Imperial Palace Hotel.

He was introduced to his fiancée by a lyricist he’s close to, and the couple has been together for seven years. It has been revealed that the woman he will be marrying is an average company employee who participated in the creation of the art work for the single and EP Album of his project team SCAR702.

The wedding will take place in a Christian church, and his soon to be sister in law, announcer Kim Suk Ryu, will be presiding. The wedding song will be performed by Y2K‘s Go Jae Keun and musical actor Song Yong Jin.

Yun Hyun Suk established his new home in Ilsan, and for his honeymoon, he’ll be going to Hawaii. He is to start his solo activities with the release of his single album after a four-year hiatus soon after.

The new single to be released in May has already been recorded and the two songs in his single were written, composed, and arranged by him. One will be a rock ballad and the other will be an exciting rock song with a fast beat. This single will feature the powerful drumming skills of Next and Novasonic drummer Lee Soo Yong as well as Lee Tae Yoon‘s bass session.

Agency M.Creative stated, “The recording for the music to be released in June and at the end of year is almost finished, and he will be performing at many events and rock festivals. Along with the rock band album, he is also preparing music for a movie and a drama. We hope for your love and support.

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Singer Lee Juk to sing at actress Jun Ji Hyun’s wedding


It’s been revealed that singer Lee Juk will perform his song “I’m So Fortunate” at actress Jun Ji Hyun‘s wedding.

Lee Juk’s company informed OSEN on April 12th, “It looks like Lee Juk will sing ‘I’m So Fortunate’ at Jun Ji Hyun’s wedding. He is planning on singing just this one song.

“I’m So Fortunate” is considered one of the nation’s best love songs and is often performed at weddings.

Around April 10th, Jun Ji Hyun’s representatives put in a request for Lee Juk to sing at the wedding as the actress has always been a huge fan. Though the two were not previously acquainted, Lee Juk agreed without any hesitation.

Jun Ji Hyun will walk down the aisle with her groom Choi Jun Hyuk on April 13th at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul where the two plan to spend their first night as a married couple as well. They are pushing back their honeymoon due to Jun Ji Hyun’s filming schedule for her new movie, ‘Berlin‘. The couple will begin their newly married life at a villa in Kangnam until the end of the month, when Jun Ji Hyun will begin filming ‘Berlin’.

Congratulations to the soon-to-be newlyweds!

Source + Picture: OSEN

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Jeon Ji Hyun’s Luxurious New Home Revealed

Conversation: SOOMPI

"April Bride" Jeon Ji Hyun‘s new luxurious home was revealed and is garnering much attention from public. According to monthly magazine "Women’s Joongang," Jeon Ji Hyun’s new home, where she will move in with her husband after their wedding, is a high-end luxury village townhouse building located in the heart of Seoul.

This building has three underground floors and 17 floors above, consists of 15 units total. Of the 15 units, 14 are about 331m2, and the remaining one unit is about 681m2. Jeon Ji Hyun’s unit is known to be about 360m2 and worth approximately 290 million Korean won (nearly $255,000). This building is also equipped with high-end amenities.


On the first floor is a big, luxurious lobby and a lounge for small-scaled meetings and private social gatherings. Underground floors have a movie theatre, gym, screen-golf range, yoga studio, and a massage room only available for residents in the building. Such exclusive amenities are perfect for celebrities like Jeon Ji Hyun who value their privacy. Currently, Jeon Ji Hyun’s unit is under renovation.

Jeon Ji Hyun is getting married to her boyfriend Choi Jun Hyuk on April 13 at Shilla Hotel Seoul. The newly weds will soon move into their luxury new home after the honeymoon.

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Rapper Outsider finally reveals his bride-to-be

Spitfire rapper Outsider, who is currently serving in the army, is getting married this month and wedding service company, iWeddingNetworks, recently released photos of him and his bride-to-be.

The photos were taken back on February 21st at a studio in Kangnam. The photos have been drawing attention because the face of “Ms. Lee,” his bride-to-be, has not been revealed until now.

The beautiful bride-to-be is 3 years older than Outsider and is a director of a dance troupe as well as a the CEO of a cultural contents enterprise.

On the day of the photoshoot, which was overcast and chilly, Outsider was seen taking care of his bride-to-be. A representative from iWeddingNetworks revealed, “The groom-to-be, Outsider, showed a different side from his fierce, strong image as a spitfire rapper on stage. He showed a very relaxed and soft image during the shoot.”

It was said that Outsider and his bride-to-be still used formal language with each other, and earned the envious looks of onlookers as they could not stop smiling at each other.

The wedding will be a private ceremony with family, friends, acquaintances, and fellow artists, and will take place on March 31st at Seoul Gangnam Imperial Palace Hotel. The groom and his bride will then leave for their honeymoon in Bali on April 1st.

Congratulations to Outsider on his upcoming marriage!

Source + Image: OSEN via Nate

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T-ara’s Eunjung & Lee Jang Woo hold a traditional wedding ceremony in Indonesia

On March 8th, pictures of ‘We Got Married‘ couple T-ara‘s Eunjung and actor Lee Jang Woo getting married in Indonesia surfaced online!

Wearing traditional Indonesian wedding garments, the fan taken pictures show the couple beautifully dressed in red and gold, and holding a ceremony before the locals. Despite the addition of candles and flowers to conjure up a romantic atmosphere, the couple poses with shy expressions on their faces before the camera.

The couple left on March 5th for a four day filming session in Indonesia. This is their second honeymoon following their trip to Malaysia last year.

Source + Photos: Review Star via Naver

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