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Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung shares her thoughts on Jessica’s baseball pitch


Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung shared her thoughts on member Jessica‘s embarassing baseball pitch in May.

On the June 6th broadcast of SBS‘s ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘, MCs Sooyoung and Yoon Do Hyun analyzed recent baseball pitches made by celebrities.

As they were looking through a variety of opening pitches, Jessica’s pitch also showed on screen. Jessica had a perfect pitching stance and a powerful throw, but the baseball ended up landing only a few feet away from her. As to not interfere with the baseball game, she was only given one chance for the opening pitch and unfortunately had to step off the mound.

Jessica’s pitch became a very hot topic, and several parodies were made. One parody features an explosion going off after the ball hits the ground.

In response to Jessica’s pitch, Sooyoung humorously commented, “This is the kind of pitch that probably won’t happen within this decade again. I’m proud that we’re members [of the same group].

Source & Image: Newsen

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KARA’s Nicole attends SHINee member Key’s musical


KARA‘s beautiful member Nicole is known for her multiple celebrity friends, and lately she has been enthusiastically showing them her support.

Last week, she was busy visiting her hoobaes, A-JAX, and also attended her friend IU‘s concert. Now, she has shown her support for a fellow celebrity friend once again. On the 6th, Nicole shared that she had visited SHINee‘s Key.

While attaching a collage of photos, Nicole wrote, “Clap, clap, clap! Our Kibum [Key’s real name] did very well >_<. [His musical] was amazing to watch~. Do well for tonight’s final show!” One of the photos in the collage features her and the SHINee member flashing a friendly pose, and a few others showing Key on stage during his “Catch Me if You Can” musical performance.

After having finished up the KARASIA tour recently with the rest of her group members, Nicole seems to be taking the time to visit her friends and check on their activities. Meanwhile, she is still busily hosting SBS‘s Inkigayo along with IU and fellow member Goo Hara. SHINee’s Key on the other hand will soon be delivering his last musical performance along with labelmates Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun and Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny.

Source & Image: Nicole’s Twitter and Catch Me if You Can website
Tip: alejandra

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Girls’ Generation & Big Bang continue to dominate the CF market


There have been a number of celebrities who have dominated the CF market, shooting a wide variety of CFs for different corporations. But the top advertisement model status for the past year went to none other than Girls’ Generation.

According to Korea’s largest advertisement information site TV CF, Girls’ Generation had made appearances in 26 CFs since June 5th of last year. The total number takes into consideration CFs filmed by a single member, as well as the CFs the girls filmed as an entire group.

2nd place went to popular idol group Big Bang. For the past year, the boys have filmed a total of 24 CFs including endorsements for Sunny10, Naver Music App, and more. Idol groups such as Big Bang and Girls’ Generation are usually the top choices for corporations when it comes to selecting advertisement models.

In third place was actress Kim Tae Hee who endorses Elastine, Blacksmith, French Café, and more, while actor Kim Soo Hyun, who to rose to fame after taking on a role in hit drama series ‘Moon That Embraces The Sun‘ came in fourth place.

Actor Won Bin who filmed 20+ CFs in the last year for K2, MaximTOP, LG Cinema 3D SmartTV, and more came in 5th place. Girls’ Generation member YoonA who also filmed 20 CFs tied for fifth place. In addition to filming CFs with her fellow group members, YoonA is also an independent model for brands such as Innisfree.

The nation’s favorite figure skater Kim Yuna and multi-talented star Lee Seung Gi each filmed 17 CFs in the past year and tied for 7th place, while actor Gong Yoo and JYJ member Yoochun who each filmed 16 CFs in the past year both came in 10th place.


Source & Image: asiae
Tip: George

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Op-Ed Looking Back At May, Looking Forward to June: Can We Get Along?


May 2012 could go down as the one of most successful months for K-pop’s advancement internationally. Google‘s YouTube teamed up with South Korean Public broadcasting station MBC for a worldwide streaming concert. That wasn’t all, another major music publication (Rolling Stone) wrote their first K-pop piece, and a sub-unit (TaeTiSeo) racked up the highest ranking for a K-pop artist on the Billboard 200 album chart. Ideally, it should all lead to positive signs, especially as June is preparing to be an extremely exciting month given the large amount of comebacks. But… is it all positive?

It’s no secret that K-pop has been able to make strides in the West due to the internet, thanks in part to YouTube. With the recent partnership with MBC, it’s only appropriate that the video sharing site would create a concert for the millions who flock to watch the music videos and live performances. While simultaneously aired on South Korean television, the show was streaming through the “YouTube Presents” channel and at its peak had 115,000 viewers (during Girls’ Generation performances). A venue filling 115,000 is nothing to gawk at, but when one considers 115,000 viewers watching worldwide from most likely the comfort of their own home, the number feels somewhat small. Especially considering that most of the online viewership doesn’t really have a venue to watch their favorite Korean music stars on television daily, this streaming concert would be something they would be sure to watch live. It feels like fans were not able to fully commit to this concert.


Also take a look at Rolling Stone‘s first foray trying to understand the K-pop movement with a list of ten acts most likely to break America. As the writer of the article who has read every comment on the page, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the amount of arguing between fans ripping each other apart between who should and shouldn’t have been on the list. Rather than focus on the fact that Rolling Stone, a well-respected music source, was giving a nod towards K-pop, it seems some fans wanted to rather focus on bickering.

Still, if one wanted to look towards solid evidence that K-pop’s presence is growing out West, they could look to TaeTiSeo’s recent EP release. The sub-unit earned the highest Billboard 200 chart position for K-pop ever. As reported on allkpop, the group gave fans an incentive to buy their copies on iTunes and posting proof, promising possible prizes through a contest. With all the fans flocking to buy the EP that Saturday, it probably shouldn’t have come as a surprise that the EP fell off the chart the following week. There was no promotion to further push it, so perhaps we should not be surprised. But if there was a proper full debut, would the efforts be exciting for just a few days and then fans move on to the next big thing?

For lack of a better word, K-pop is a very “instant” and “now” genre. While most Americans are used to long, drawn out campaigns for a single, premiering months before a full-length album, K-pop works very differently. Typically teaser photos will kick off a comeback and it’s not long before we have the song and EP/album with one or two singles before things have wrapped. Maybe fans are simply acting in a similar fashion to the way the industry works? But to music fans who are used to the long album promotion cycles, there’s some risk involved on such a fast moving environment.

I am an international pop music fan and find nothing more exciting when I see my favorite overseas artists breaking through America successfully. I’m currently over the moon that one of my favorite songs from the summer of 2011, Gotye and Kimbra’s “Somebody That I Used To Know”, is an unstoppable force in America now. Perhaps K-pop fans, you feel different, but should we not pull together positively so that our favorites have the opportunity to tour Asia and beyond? If K-pop as a genre can make further strides, if one succeeds, this means all acts will be in a better position to break other countries. When I look at other great Op-Ed pieces on the site, for example about the lack of Asian males in Hollywood, I think we all on some fundamental level, feel the same and ultimately have the same goals for this music we enjoy so much.

The longest running #1 hit in America this year was released in Australia last year.

Moving forward to today, June 2012, this month may go down as one of the most exciting in K-pop in recent memory. Comebacks from some of the top groups mixed with these recent strides in the West means more eyes than ever will be watching what South Korean artists are producing. Groups getting big shoutouts on these lists including Wonder Girls, Big Bang, 2NE1, AfterSchool, and Ailee are all making their comebacks this month. Even a smaller group like Dal Shabet’s comeback or Girls’ Generations’ new Japanese single “Paparazzi” will get more attention due to the exciting time in K-pop.

With the genre on a higher platform than ever, this month could be crucial to gaining new fans and supporters. Sharing music and performances that you enjoy and show the high quality of K-pop (regardless if you’re a fan of that actual act) will only help further strides for K-pop in your country and make it more likely for you to see your favorites in concert or on your local iTunes. There’s always going to be fights between fanbases of the artists, but it seems to make more sense that the pop fans of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Beyonce fight each other when these artists have conquered almost every territory. K-pop artists always appear so civil and supportive of each other so why do the fans act differently with these infamous “fan wars”?

Perhaps there are deeper problems in the genre. As fans, we cannot deny feelings like certain groups were robbed of winning music programs. But is there also a reason to bicker over it? At allkpop, I see the readership as being in a very unique position to help break K-pop to Western countries, in particular America with the largest music business worldwide. I am inspired by the position allkpop finds itself in and am excited by the prospect of bringing some of my viewpoints on this platform.

What do you think? What were your thoughts on this past May for K-pop? Are there deeper problems than just fans arguing? Does K-pop even need to break into the West? Let’s discuss (and hopefully be civil) in the comments.

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Suzy’s still-cuts from ‘Caribbean Bay’ advertisement shoot shared online


After announcing a new female celebrity would be endorsing their brand with idol group 2PM, popular water park Caribbean Bay posted photos of miss A‘s Suzy posing with 2PM on official promotional pictures through Everland Caribbean Bay’s official website.

Soon after, additional photos of Suzy from the photo shoot were released on online community sites. The netizen who posted the photos wrote, “Caribbean Bay model Suzy displayed her masterpiece of a figure.

The waterpark was previously endorsed by Girls’ Generation members Yuri, YoonA, and Seohyun, but this year, they decided to sign all of 2PM along with Suzy.

Fans who were captivated by Suzy’s summer figure remarked, “I like this Suzy better“, “She’s dominating movies, dramas, and now advertisements too“, and “Caribbean Bay definitely know what they’re doing.


Source & Image(s): DongA via Nate

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Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung poses with the gentlemen from ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’


Actor Kim Su Ro revealed a photo taken on the set of SBS‘ ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity‘ with Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung.

On June 5, Kim Su Ro tweeted, “Prologue of 5th episode of ‘Gentleman’s Dignity’! Spolier~Shh~It’s a secret! Fighting, hoorah~ Staying alive until the end is winning,” along with the above photo.

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung is surrounded by the four handsome, “flower boy” actors: Jang Dong Gun, Lee Jong Hyuk, Kim Su Ro, and Kim Min Jong.

Fans replied, “They have a glow to them,” “Even [when they’re] just standing, it looks like a magazine photoshoot,” and “Eye candy.”

Watch a preview of Sooyoung’s appearance in the video below at 0:22.

Source: OSEN via Nate

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Kang Ta selects Girls’ Generation’s YoonA + Sooyoung as his ideal type


Veteran singer Kang Ta remarked that his ideal type would be a hybrid of Girls’ Generation members YoonA and Sooyoung.

Kang Ta recently sat down with tvN‘s ‘Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside‘ for an interview, and opened up about his thoughts on dating and marriage.

I haven’t dated since 2007,” he began. “I dated a total of 4 times after I debuted with H.O.T, and my first love lasted the longest- 5 years.

His senior and legendary ballad singer Shin Seung Hun remarked that he was afraid he would no longer be able to write sad love songs once he got married, but Kang Ta on the other hand expressed a longing to be married saying, “I can still continue writing sad love songs even if I get married as soon as tomorrow.”

When asked about his ideal type, Kang Ta remarked, “Looks are still very important. To describe it in words, I like girls who would make a good wife and mother, but still have a delinquent image.” The MC then asked Kang Ta to select a member of Girls’ Generation that came closest to his ideal type, and he answered, “Appearance-wise YoonA, personality-wise Sooyoung.

Kang Ta then once again talked about a potential H.O.T reunion. “We talk about it whenever we get together. We say ‘seriously, should we decide when we’re going to do this? We have to refer back to our schedules, so let’s regroup next time.’

The singer also talked about how he auditioned ten different times back when he was a troubled student before receiving an opportunity to meet Lee Soo Man, to how his life as a musician changed after ‘Voice Korea‘.


Source & Image: Etoday via Nate

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Park Ji Sung selects YoonA as his ideal type + sends her a video message


Manchester United’s Park Ji Sung caught the attention of many viewers for selecting his ideal type as none other than Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA.

On the June 3rd episode of SBS‘ ‘Running Man‘, Park Ji Sung was given a secret spy mission of eliminating both ‘Running Man’ members and fellow guest, IU. The cast members and guests then visited Thailand for a survival mission race.

During the middle of the episode, Park Ji Sung was given the chance to make his debut as an emcee by momentarily replacing Yoo Jae Suk. He then participated in an ‘ideal type World Cup’, where he faced the tough decision of choosing between four girl groups: Girls’ Generation, miss A, Wonder Girls, and KARA.

For the first round, the soccer player picked Girls’ Generation over Wonder Girls and for the second, he selected miss A over KARA.

After much hesitation, Park Ji Sung ended up selecting Girls’ Generation over miss A for the final round.

HaHa was then prompted to ask, “Which member do you like the most in Girls’ Generation?” to which he replied, “This is hard. I really don’t think I can choose!” However, after much contemplation, Park Ji Sung selected YoonA.

He then sent a video message to the singer shyly saying, “YoonA, oppa is currently on a break so do you have time to meet up?

You can watch his cute message below:

Source & Image: TVDaily via Nate

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Hyoyeon proclaims her love for SONEs after ‘Inkiga yo’


Following her cameo performance on SBSInkigayo‘ last night, Hyoyeon headed to Girls’ Generation‘s official SMTOWN forum board to share new photos and proclaim her love for SONEs!

The dancer, who is a regular member of ‘Dancing With the Stars 2‘, joined TaeTiSeo‘s ‘Inkigayo’ goodbye stage with a sexy & glamorous duet performance to the jazzy instrumental of “OMG”.

Afterwards, Hyoyeon uploaded the photo above, where she poses with her dance partner and the TaeTiSeo trio, along with the comments and photo with EXO-K‘s Kai below:

Today was TaeTiSeo’s last stage on Inkigayo ..
It was great to be with them ~> _ <
I was surprised to hear cheers from you all!! It was amazing ~ thanks a lot ~
I’ll give more great stages in the future on ‘Dancing with the Stars Season 2′!!
You guys better watch and vote for me on Friday nights…everybody knows, right??> _ <
And one more!


Dancing Queen and King’s meeting! Where is this?? ke ke
One day, we’ll have a great performanec on stage together, right??

I really love you all ^^

You can check out Hyoyeon’s ‘Inkigayo’ stage below:

Stay tuned for more on Hyoyeon, TaeTiSeo & Girls’ Generation, only on allkpop!

Source: SMTOWN

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