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Spoiler What was on Shin Se Kyung’s mind during the wedding dress scene on ‘When a Man Loves’?

on May 29, 2013

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Subject: [Spoiler] What was on Shin Se Kyung’s mind during the wedding dress scene on ‘When a Man Loves’?


Actress Shin Se Kyung revealed what was on her mind during her wedding dress scene for ‘When a Man Loves’.

Her agency Namoo Actors revealed behind-the-scenes photos of the actress on set, and as fans would expect, she looked beautiful in white. What isn’t expected, however, is what was on her mind during filming.

The May 15th episode of MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama revealed Seo Mi Do (Shin Se Kyung) in a wedding dress for the first time. After shooting, Shin Se Kyung commented, “Though it was important to portray the pressure and nervousness Seo Mi Deo feels, I had been filming since morning, so I hadn’t eaten and I was incredibly hungry. I kept assuring myself, ‘After this scene, I’ll eat,’ over and over again.

A rep from Namoo Actors said, “When someone exhausts their emotions, it affects their stamina. Because she has a tight schedule, she usually makes sure to eat her meals. Shin Se Kyung isn’t particularly picky about her food, and when there’s something tasty, she tells the people around her to try some too. She’s also great at describing the taste of food.

What do you think of the Shin Se Kyung behind the scenes?


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