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Why does IU think her drama isn’t doing as well as expec ted?

on May 21, 2013

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Subject: Why does IU think her drama isn’t doing as well as expected?


IU and the rest of the ‘You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin‘ cast and staff shared their honest opinions on why their drama wasn’t meeting expectations in terms of ratings.

Of course, with ratings in the 20% range, the drama may seem like it’s doing very well on the surface. But following hits such as ‘Unexpected You‘ and ‘My Daughter Seoyoung‘, dramas that have achieved ratings in the high 40s, the drama isn’t exactly living up to expectations. It’s not due to the original concerns of IU’s acting, but because of issues with the storyline. Some have voiced their complaints that the story progresses too slow, while others are frustrated with IU’s character constant flip-flopping on important decisions.

On May 13, the drama held a brief press conference on one of its sets during a public shoot, where PD Yoon Sung Sik said, “I can’t say that it isn’t a burden (to be following such successful dramas). It’s true that I was very burdened because the previous works had such good results. KBS weekend dramas usually have low ratings on Saturday and good ratings on Sunday. It’s somewhat of a tradition. But I know our ratings aren’t as good as expected. We’re analyzing why that’s happening. We think it’s because most of the people watching our drama is younger than the norm. Also, we have one story arc of IU’s and Jo Jung Suk’s love line being anticipated and another arc with IU’s birth secret running simultaneously. This may not be very appealing to a more elderly audience (50′s – 60′s) which is our main demographic, so we’re doing further research. We’ve been building up the characters. It’s true that our beginning was slow, so it’s a little disappointing, but we’re going to speed it up. We have 30 episodes left. The end is what’s really important. We’ll be ending the drama beautifully.

IU also stated, “It’s probably because the shooting set is always in such a good mood, but our aura hasn’t dropped. Saturday dramas normally don’t perform as well as Sunday dramas. On Sunday morning, I feel a little… I do think a lot about ratings, but I’m satisfied about the ratings on Sunday. When I was active as a singer, only young people recognized me when I went out. But lately, the elderly see me and say, ‘It’s Soon Shin’. When I see that, I think that I did good participating in this drama.

Jo Jung Suk added, “We’re having fun filming. I think there’s still a long way to go. I’m satisfied with our ratings now, but I think the response we’re getting is because the ratings of the dramas before us were so high. I’m filming with the mindset that if I work hard, we’ll get good results, since we have a long way to go.

Are you actively watching the drama?

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