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Sunhwa and Minho have an indirect kiss on ‘Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2′

on May 21, 2013

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Subject: Sunhwa and Minho have an indirect kiss on ‘Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2′


Sunhwa and Minho ‘shared a kiss’ on ‘Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2‘!

Thankfully for fans of both of these stars, the kiss wasn’t quite real – it was more of an indirect kiss. The members of SHINee were guests on the May 12 episode of the variety show. Since Sunhwa was also a guest MC, she was one of the ‘athletes’ for the Face-Soccer match where the players were only able to use their heads to score.

Onew popped up the ball first, but it hit Minho’s lips and bounced away. Thankfully, Sunhwa was able to catch the ball without handing it over to the opposite team, trapping it between her lips. She passed the ball to Minho, who was directly behind her and he caught the ball within his lips immediately.

Of course, the MC couldn’t just let this golden opportunity pass! He yelled, “You’re holding it at the same exact place Sunhwa did!” and emphasized the indirect kiss. The audience shrieked at his comment, and Sunhwa was embarrassed for a second before she shouted, “Put it in the goal behind you!“. Minho, of course, didn’t let anything falter him from winning, and he pulled the game to a 5:1 victory for his team.

The ‘indirect kiss’ clip starts at 30:56 below!

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