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RELIVE IT: B.A.P’s ‘Live on Earth’ in New York

on May 21, 2013

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Subject: RELIVE IT: B.A.P’s ‘Live on Earth’ in New York


Every east-coast BABY has been counting down the days, the hours, the minutes, and the seconds until May 17, 7:00 PM EST. B.A.P‘s ‘Live on Earth‘ finally landed in New York, and they put on an amazing show!

Fans from all over the east coast including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut – and even as far away as Canada gathered together to the pack the Best Buy Theater in Times Square. Every fan couldn’t help but speed-walk down the escalators leading to the concert hall because they were forbidden to run. BABYs scrambled to stand at the best spot they could and waited anxiously for the show to begin.




The show started off with MC Paul Kim, who got fans cheering and screaming with his jokes and impressive rapping. He introduced New Heights onto the stage as the opening act, and near the end of their stage, Joseph Vincent came onto stage to join in. Joseph Vincent later on had his own stage, stealing hearts of BABYs with his medley of songs and his self-composed “S.A.D“.







But of course, after the appetizer, the main course of the night was the super rookies: B.A.P! The boys teased for what seemed like an eternity until they finally appeared behind in dry-ice fog, dressed in all-white. They started off the night with their debut song “Warrior” and went onto “What the Hell“, a special treat for BABYs because the boys don’t normally perform “What the Hell” on music show stages. There was no let up as they went into “No Mercy” immediately after, with everyone in the crowd shouting along “No, no, no, no mercy“.



The boys then took a short break to change, teasing again with videos, and then Daehyun and Bang Yong Guk came on stage for a remix stage of their well-loved duet (originally Yongguk’s duet with B2ST‘s Yoseob), “I Remember“. I don’t know how other BABYs felt about the stage, but to be honest I didn’t really like the way they changed Daehyun’s vocal lines. But in the end, it was still a pretty amazing stage where the lead singer and lead rapper of the group got to explode their talents.




“I Remember” was followed by “Secret Love” with Jongup, Himchan, Youngjae, and Zelo, another special treat because Jongup took over Yongguk’s rap lines and Himchan sang Daehyun’s chorus lines. Jongup did especially well with Yongguk’s rap lines, never falling back on page, and fans swooned when they heard Himchan smooth his voice over the chorus. “Rain Sound” came up right afterward, letting the boys have a little break from their lively songs and calming the audience with their soothing voice.




The boys took a short break to talk to the audience and amuse them with member introductions. Since they went in age order, Bang Yong Guk went up first, and pretty amusing descriptions were included on the video board such as “gummy smile”, “laid back”, and “sports fanatic”. When Himchan asked him to name a Major League Baseball player he liked, Bang Yong Guk picked Robinson Cano of the Yankees.


Himchan was up next, and his special talent is apparently “turning his eyes inside out” and “counting calories”. He didn’t show off his particular talent of turning his eyes inside-out, but he did imitate leader Bang Yong Guk, sending a wave of laughter and cheering across the venue.


Daehyun wants a “good & motherly wife”, so keep that in mind, BABYs! He also can apparently reach “7-high notes” with his “gifted voice”. He sang a part of Usher‘s “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” beautifully, smiling somewhat embarrassed even though he covered it perfectly.


Youngjae apparently “recently lost his baby stomach fat”, has a “baby face but [is] muscular”, and is apparently “often moody”. He showed the fans his “happy” and his “angry” face, claiming he yelled “Warrior” when he was angry. But in the end, he was too excited to perform and couldn’t keep his bright smile off his face.



Jongup went next, and of course fans screamed when they say his “remarkable six-pack” description. At once everyone started chanting “Six-pack!“, and Bang Yong Guk went up to him to tell him to show it off. He raised his shirt slowly so fans could get a glimpse and then slammed his shirt back down, but of course that was enough for fangirls.


Maknae Zelo maybe young but his height was listed at a whopping 6’3″, apparently. (Or 6’03″. I don’t know what the 0 means? Maybe he’s 6′ 0.3″?) He’s “still growing” and “shuts down in unfavorable conditions”. His special ability is of course his famous LTE rap. (From the people around me, I realized ‘LTE rap’ isn’t a phrase that’s well-understood. Koreans use LTE to describe whatever’s really fast because the LTE phone data connection is the fastest speed available for consumers). He spewed out his “Warrior” rap, much to the delight of many fans.


From there, Daehyun and Youngjae went onto one of the most beautiful covers of R.Kelly‘s “I Believe I Can Fly“. Youngjae’s voice was incredible to begin with, and when Daehyun entered the song with his voice, I was completely blown away. They need to do a studio recording of this song.




Jongup and Zelo were up next with “Teach Me How to Dougie” and “Never Give Up“, and did they know to completely have fun! The boys are the two best dancers of the group, and they had absolutely no problem showing that off, bringing out moves after moves for their solo parts. I was expecting Jongup to do Bang Yong Guk’s rap in “Never Give Up”, but Zelo took both rap parts and Jongup instead did the chorus, and surprisingly well, too.


Bang Yong Guk came out first on his duet stage to make the hottest DJ to ever stand on stage, and then Himchan joined him for a stage of “Sexy Clap“, probably one of the sexiest stages of the entire night. Himchan and Bang Yong Guk had fans screaming on the top of their lungs with every hand gesture and nod.



After another outfit change, the boys came onto the floor with “One Shot“, and the audience sang pretty much the entire song with them. It was followed by “Punch” and “Fight For Freedom“, another treat for fans as it’s not normally performed on music shows. That was followed by an awesome performance of “Power“, and then finally “Goodbye” before the boys walked off stage.

Of course, everyone knew there was going to be encore songs, and everyone cheered loudly, chanting “B.A.P!!” as they waited for the boys to snag the spotlight again. The boys returned to the stage, where they jumped across and around and all over the stage as they performed “Dancing in the Rain” and “Stop It“. “Crash” was the final song of the night, and everyone in the audience followed their “Help me, help me, help me” dance.

Phew, what a night! BABY’s across North America, did you enjoy their concert(s)? I know I sure did!

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