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Lee Jang Woo and his agency finally speak up

on May 21, 2013

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Subject: Lee Jang Woo and his agency finally speak up


The silence has finally been shattered by Lee Jang Woo and his reps after netizens voiced out, wanting to hear a response from the actor, who has never spoken up until now.

His reps spoke on his behalf, stating, “During the beginning stages of the drama, dating rumors with Oh Yeon Seo came out. Since he had just begun his drama, it was more of a priority for them to focus on acting rather than offer words… The two are of sunbae and hoobaerelationship, and have been doing their best with their teamwork until now with the conclusion of the drama up ahead.”

“Lee Jang Woo feels sorry to Oh Yeon Seo with speculations regarding the two being brought up again,” said the reps.

Another rep from his agency stated, “Lee Jang Woo is quite flustered that a break up report has suddenly surfaced while he’s putting his all into filming… They’re currently focusing on their acting as good friends. He wants to remain good friends with Oh Yeon Seo by wrapping up the filming of ‘Oh Ja Ryong Is Coming’ on a good note… Lee Jang Woo feels really bad that there may be negative effects on Oh Yeon Seo… They’re good sunbae and hoobae so it’s a shame that this kind of article has come out.”

As mentioned in the previous article, Oh Yeon Seo’s reps have already spoken about the issue, clarifying the dating and breaking up rumors as they stated, “It’s true that the two had fond feelings for one another, but after the dating report broke out, they decided to just wrap up their feelings.. So now they’re working as just friends.”

Thus, it seems that even though there were mutual fond feelings, the two decided to just remain friends after the dating report broke out, rather than pursuing on their feelings. Therefore, their position seems to be that since Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Jang Woo didn’t get to a stage in which they started officially dating, it can’t be considered breaking up.

Source: Star News via Nate, Osen via Nate

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