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Go Jun Hee throws 2AM’s Jinwoon a birthday party on ‘We Got Married’

on May 21, 2013

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Subject: Go Jun Hee throws 2AM’s Jinwoon a birthday party on ‘We Got Married’


What Go Jun Hee prepared for 2AM Jinwoon’s birthday party made him absolutely giddy on ‘We Got Married’.

On the May 18 episode, the actress set up a surprise party for Jinwoon’s 22nd birthday, inviting his friends SHINee’s Key, KARA’s Nicole, and MBLAQ’s Mir. Nicole helped Go Jun Hee out with a cake, while Key taught her a dance routine to surprise her on-screen husband with.

After entering a dark house, the 2AM member was very surprised to be met with the familiar faces of his friends and couldn’t even look Go Jun Hee in the eye. Things got a little awkward, and it was then revealed that she’d been avoiding him for a month. He received a text message from his ‘We Got Married’ partner that said they shouldn’t contact one another outside of professional reasons because it seemed like they only came out with bad feelings.

Jinwoon responded, “Let’s talk about this kind of thing face-to-face. Shouldn’t I know why you’re doing this and what the reasons are?” However, Go Jun Hee ignored his response, so she could surprise him with a party instead.

Understandably, Jinwoon was a bit confused about the mixed messages, but he immediately loosened up when he found out it was all for a surprise event.

In his solo interview, Jinwoon expressed, “Usually, we contact each other often, but she didn’t reply for a month and put distance between us. I wondered if she met another guy or her schedule was busy. Now that I know why she did that, I’m relieved.”

As a special event for Jinwoon, Go Jun Hee wore a princess dress and performed an adorable dance. She also gifted him with a couple bracelet.

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