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D-Unit excited for their first fan meeting!

on May 21, 2013

From: elliefilet
Posted At: Sunday, May 19, 2013 7:43 AM
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Subject: D-Unit excited for their first fan meeting!


With their first fan meeting ahead, the girls of D-Unit expressed their feelings about the exciting event.

D-Unit posted to their official me2day on the 17th, “Hello, this is Zin! [Drum roll]. Tomorrow is the day we finally have our fan meeting. Many of you should come and [mangshik shake]! D-Unit shake! Drink a lot. Hehehehe.

The idol group held their first ever fan meeting on the 18th at 2PM KST for nearly three hours, and it seems the girls were pretty pumped up about the event beforehand.

They became baristas for the day and personally created drinks for their fans.

Fans commented, “A barista event is unique,” “A fan meeting I really wanted to go to,” and “The drinks made by D-Unit must’ve been delicious.

Can you believe it’s already been over 9 months since they debuted?

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