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4minute makes decisions using rock paper scissors?

on May 21, 2013

From: pkdance
Posted At: Sunday, May 19, 2013 9:04 AM
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Subject: 4minute makes decisions using rock paper scissors?


4minute have been sweeping music charts with their latest comeback and revealed that the secret to their success as a group just might be a game of rock paper scissors.

On the May 18th installment of ‘Star King‘, HyunA asked the genius pianist sisters who featured as contestants, “Since you perform together, you must have disagreements sometimes so how do you resolve them?”

MC Kang Ho Dong then turned the tables on HyunA and asked, “How does 4minute handle their disputes?” HyunA revealed, “We follow the will of the majority no matter what. If that doesn’t work, we play rock paper scissors and decide that way.”

MC Boom and Kang Ho Dong took their advice by playing the game to make decisions, and Boom teased, “I won. Our title track with be ‘Boom Up’”, bringing laughs with their imitation of how 4minute makes decisions.

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