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2PM’s ‘GROWN’ rises to #1 on Hanteo and Tower Records Daily Charts

on May 21, 2013

From: pkdance
Posted At: Sunday, May 19, 2013 11:44 AM
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Subject: 2PM’s ‘GROWN’ rises to #1 on Hanteo and Tower Records Daily Charts


Fans have all ‘come back’ after hearing the songs from 2PM‘s new album ‘GROWN‘ and the ‘beastly idols’ grabbed the #1 spot on Korea’s Hanteo charts and Japan’s Tower Records charts at the same time!

After replacing themselves as #1 on Japan’s Tower records’ pre-order chart, 2PM topped Tower Records’ daily chart on the 17th. Their success didn’t stop there as the group also made sure to bring it in Korea as they rose to #1 on Hanteo’s real-time chart on the 18th and Hanteo’s daily chart on the 19th. According to JYP Entertainment, 2PM also topped the iTunes‘ real-time album charts in six countries upon release.

2PM shared, “In the middle of their comeback in Korea, we are happy and thankful to hear such good news. We give our message of thanks to the fans who always show their love and support for us. We will return your love with awesome stages and more promotional activities. Thank you.”

2PM are currently kicking off their comeback stages for their double title tracks “Come Back When You Hear This Song” and “All Day I Think of You” (“A.D.T.O.Y.“).

Congrats, 2PM!



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