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Junho suffers an extremely risky injury practicing for 2PM’s concert

on May 17, 2013

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Subject: Junho suffers an extremely risky injury practicing for 2PM’s concert


Junho revealed a shocking story on 2PM‘s comeback show, ‘2PM Returns‘.

The comeback show aired on MBC on the 12th, showing the boys working hard for their comeback and their concert. During the process, Junho wanted to learn acrobatics, but he bad injured himself badly while practising! He confessed, “I wanted to learn acrobatics, so I worked really hard. There was a time I fell directly onto my head from 2 meters (approximately 6.6 feet) and lost consciousness for about 2 minutes.

His injury was severe, and he revealed, “Everyone was worried because they thought I might not be able to dance. I landed on my left arm, and the cartilage tore. Recently, we had the rehearsal for the Shanghai concert, but I couldn’t stand. I went to the hospital and found out I had a spinal fracture.

But being the hardworking Junho, he didn’t even consider dropping out from the concert – he stayed on the wheelchair only backstage, pushed himself onto his feet for the stage. He said, “I had a concert the next day. I had no choice, so I was on a wheelchair until right before the stage. I wrapped my waist and I could only stand as I sang.

When asked, “Have you thought about giving up dancing?“, he answered, “If I give up dancing, I have to give up this career. I always thought about how not to get hurt and how to be good. But I always enjoyed myself, so I don’t want to stop. Right now, I’ve healed a lot, but right now I still have to get therapy. To be honest, if I start doing intense moves, my shoulder can still be stressed.

Hopefully, Junho will have healed up for their upcoming comeback stages!

Source: Sports Chosun
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