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‘Infinity Challenge’ touches on the serious topic of Korean freedom fighters

on May 17, 2013

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Posted At: Monday, May 13, 2013 4:16 PM
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Subject: ‘Infinity Challenge’ touches on the serious topic of Korean freedom fighters


The most recent episode of ‘Infinity Challenge‘ attempted to challenge (ha!) the weighty topic of the Korean independence movement.

After getting occupied by Japanese troops in the early 20th century, the Korean peninsula went through a period of colonization, spurring independence movements and figures such as Ahn Joong Geun, who assassinated Ito Hirobumi, the first prime minister of Japan. The cast member of ‘Infinity Challenge’ spent some time educating their guests for the day – a gaggle of idol groups such as SECRET, INFINITE, and others – on the importance behind the independence movement.

As the lecturer for the ‘class’, Yoo Jae Suk read out loud a letter from Ahn Joong Geun’s mother, written to him after he had told her of his plans. “If you believe that dying earlier than your mother is wrong, I will become a laughingstock. Your death is not only for you, but for the entire nation of Chosun. Die for your country without second thoughts,” she had written. “It is a consequence of doing the correct thing, so don’t try and save your life; dying is the greatest form of fealty for your mother.”

“This is probably the last letter I will write to you. I don’t expect to see you again in this life, so come see me in the next world as the son of the Father,” she wrote.

An excerpt from his will was also read aloud. “Even after I go to heaven, I will dedicate my efforts, as always, to the restoration of our country. When the sounds of Korea’s independence rings in heaven, I will dance and cheer in joy.”

For the idols in attendance – who often sacrifice schooling for practice and other activities – as well for the viewers watching at home and abroad, it was definitely a learning and enlightening experience.

Portions of the broadcast have already been subbed and can be viewed below:

Full show below:

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