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‘We Demand the Truth From Roy Kim’ cafe surfaces

on May 8, 2013

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Posted At: Wednesday, May 01, 2013 10:36 PM
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Subject: ‘We Demand the Truth From Roy Kim’ cafe surfaces


Roy Kim had recently released his song “Spring Spring Spring“. The song has performed incredibly well on the charts, but everything isn’t so rosy as the song is under plagiarism controversy.

Some listeners pointed out that the song sounds similar to the late Kim Kwang Suk‘s “The Place Wind Blows“, and that his chorus sounds similar to Norwegian band A-Ha‘s “Take On Me“. Although these accusations have been met with largely mixed reception, one netizen has gone as far as to create a cafe called ‘We Demand the Truth from Roy Kim‘, or ‘RoJinYo‘.

However, most of the members who joined the cafe weren’t made up of antis, but rather curious passerbys. Not only so, but the cafe had originally been an ‘We Demand the Truth from IU‘, made after her photo controversy last year with Eunhyuk. The revelation caused netizens to lash out and comment, “You must really have nothing to do“, “What are you going to ‘demand the truth’ from next?“, and “These people need to get a life“.

Roy Kim’s label had also commented that the allegations of plagiarism were baseless.


Source: Xports News

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