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Spoilers IU and Jo Jung Suk get too close for comfort on ‘You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin’

on May 8, 2013

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Posted At: Friday, May 03, 2013 9:29 PM
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Subject: [Spoilers] IU and Jo Jung Suk get too close for comfort on ‘You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin’


New still cuts of IU and Jo Jung Suk from KBS 2TV‘s ’You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin‘reveal that things might be heating up between their two characters.

The preview photos for the upcoming episode reveal IU and Jo Jung Suk embracing each other for what might be a kiss scene. They get awfully close and gaze into each other’s eyes, leaving viewers on the edge of the seats.

While filming this romantic scene, the two actors got a bit shy around one another. The PD teased the couple, telling them, “You make it look so obvious that you like each other.”

A rep from the series commented, “Jo Jung Suk’s ‘IU star making project’ will continue, and the two of them will get closer. Please stay tuned for the romance that blooms from it.”

Catch what really happens on Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 PM KST!

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