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More details about how Jung Bum Kyun saved a man from suicide revealed

on May 8, 2013

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Subject: More details about how Jung Bum Kyun saved a man from suicide revealed


More details about how comedian Jung Bum Kyun saved a man from committing suicide have been revealed.

SBS‘ ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘ contacted the fire department, who commented, “It’s the case from last Sunday. We were called out because citizens reported that they were keeping someone from committing suicide. It was on the north side of the Mapo-Daegu Bridge.

CCTV shows that the man was standing on the edge of the bridge. Jung Bum Kyun was passing by on his bicycle, and had helped the others pull him back. The fire department said, “Jung Bum Kyun held him from the back in a hug and waited there until we arrived.

The first woman who reported the incident revealed, “Since I was’t strong enough, I stopped the first man passing by, and it was Jung Bum Kyun. He calmed the man down by saying, ‘What’s troubling you so much?’

KBS News also reported that the man was drunk. They interviewed Jung Bum Kyun, who said, “He was in a more dangerous situation than I was. I was only thinking of him, so I didn’t realize [how dangerous it
could have been].
” They reported that Jung Bum Kyun had held the man for 5 minutes before the fire department arrived. He added modestly, “Even if it wasn’t me there, someone else would have done it. It’s something obvious that should have been done.

Thank goodness Jung Bum Kyun was there.

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