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miss A’s Fei throws the first pitch for Doosan Bears

on May 8, 2013

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Subject: miss A’s Fei throws the first pitch for Doosan Bears


miss A‘s Fei threw the ceremonial first pitch for the Doosan Bears!

She was invited to the Doosan Bears versus KIA Tigers baseball game that was held on April 30 at the Seoul Jamshil Stadium.

Fei showed off her good pitching form as she threw a successful first pitch that flew towards the catcher instead of planting straight on the ground or throwing too high, and was all smiles for the audience. The announcer for the broadcast noted that Fei looks good in anything she wears including an apron, high heels, or sportswear. They also noted that idols these days are very athletic as proved by Fei’s successful throw.


Check out the pitch below.

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