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Juniel claims idols in public relationships only end up getting hurt

on May 8, 2013

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Posted At: Thursday, May 02, 2013 5:43 AM
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Subject: Juniel claims idols in public relationships only end up getting hurt


Juniel spoke up about how she felt on idols going public with their relationships.

In an interview she had with Ilgan Sports, she was asked how she felt about the recent trend of idols revealing their relationship to the public. She responded seriously, “I think you should love. To give back the love you receive from the public, I believe that there has to be love inside me. But I’m against going public with relationships. There are too much pains. If it goes public, the fans get hurt, the celebrities get hurt, and the only thing remaining is pain. Even if I date, it’ll be in secret.

On her ideal type, she said, “I don’t like men who are just one way. I like men who can be cute, sometimes sexy, and knowledgeable for certain occasions. How can you live if all there is to you is just being sexy?

She also stated, “I was a girlfriend who was dedicated, but then was thrown away. I was a woman who just said, ‘Yeah, okay’, and acted like I knew everything. He was nice in the beginning, but he ended up being a bad guy in the end.

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