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Nega Network introduces RASA of ‘LC9′ (previousl y nicknamed ‘Brown Eyed Boys’)

on May 6, 2013

From: neefa
Posted At: Monday, April 29, 2013 8:38 AM
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Subject: Nega Network introduces RASA of ‘LC9′ (previously nicknamed ‘Brown Eyed Boys’)


After dropping news of their new boy group, who were given the nickname ‘Brown Eyed Boys‘, Nega Network began introduing the members starting with J-Hyo and now RASA.

It turns out the previous words seen in other various teasers, ‘League of Competition #9′, is actually the group’s official name and is abbreviated as LC9.

The new individual teaser video has RASA walking contemplatively along a busy bridge and brief clips of what look like audition caps. Unfortunately we don’t get to hear any vocals or see him dance, but for now he is great eye candy at the very least.

LC9 will be making their debut on May 9th! Get a glimpse of RASA as we wait for the rest of the members’ teasers ahead!

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