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Lyn reveals she was upset by the negative comments toward her relationship

on May 6, 2013

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Subject: Lyn reveals she was upset by the negative comments toward her relationship


Artist Lyn confessed that she was hurt by the negative comments toward her romantic relationship with MC the Max‘s Lee Soo.

The two of them confirmed their romance just a few days earlier. In a lengthy Twitter post, she dished out her thought on the reactions she had been getting. “I’m writing this to show my inner thoughts to those who like me and my music,” she began.

“Since I have a job where I’m in front of the public, it’s correct that I should be careful about everything. But since love is an emotion that doesn’t bend easily to logic, I followed my heart instead of my brain,” she continued. “The prickly words are, I feel, nothing but good thoughts looking out for me and my friend. I think of the painful comments as nothing more than words said by my friends or my parents.”

“There are many things that my friend and I have done wrong,” she said. “We will reflect deeply and live our lives trying to make right. We promise.”

The ‘painful comments’ are probably due to Lee Soo’s prior involvement in an underage prostitution scandal back in 2009.

“I realize that forgiveness and blessing is a big thing to ask,” Lyn said. “Just watch over us. I apologize and thanks again.”

Should Lyn be getting flack for the past actions of her boyfriend?

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