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Duo Geeks release ‘Backpack’ + MVs for “Wash Away” feat. Ailee and “Siren” feat. Swings

on May 6, 2013

From: neefa
Posted At: Monday, April 29, 2013 12:07 PM
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Subject: Duo Geeks release ‘Backpack’ + MVs for “Wash Away” feat. Ailee and “Siren” feat. Swings

Hip hop duo, Geeks has finally released their full album, ‘Backpack‘ after teasing with a pre-released a song titled “How Are You” ft. Harim!

Geeks made their debut with “Officially Missing You” in 2011 and continued to gain popularity through their following singles, “Just Leave“, “In the Morning“, and “Hold It Down“. Geeks also collaborated with SISTAR‘s Soyu for a new version of “Officially Missing You” last year, which dominated the charts for weeks.

So naturally, fans are excited to hear what this duo has up their sleeves on their latest album. The new album has 13 songs and 2 skits, with each track showcasing the pair’s melodic rapping style. As a special treat, Geeks released music videos for two songs, “Wash Away”, featuring talented soloist Ailee, and “Siren”, featuring rapper Swings.

Check it out the MVs below as well as other tracks off the album!

Wash Away (feat. Ailee)

Siren (feat. Swings)

Lights On

Raining (feat. Park Soo Min)


Getting On You (Feat. DJ Dopsh)

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