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Who went through the most nicknames on ‘Infinity Cha llenge?’

on April 29, 2013

From: webe
Posted At: Saturday, April 27, 2013 4:15 PM
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Subject: Who went through the most nicknames on ‘Infinity Challenge?’


MBC‘s hit variety show ‘Infinity Challenge‘ celebrated its 8th anniversary on air, and to celebrate this momentous occasion, an online community group compiled a list of the nicknames that the members received throughout the years.

The list shows the nicknames and characters that each member had throughout the lifespan of the show. The ‘Infinity Challenge Nicknames’ post shows that it was none other then Park Myung Soo who went through the most nicknames. Over 8 years, he had 294 nicknames, including ‘Number 2′, ‘A Great Man’, and ’10 Jobs’, making him one of the versatile characters on the show.

Jung Jun Ha had the second most nicknames, including ‘Manager Jung’ and ‘Electronic Brain’. According to the list, the person on the show to have received the least number of nicknames was HaHa with only 48.

Which nickname and character come to mind when you think of ‘Infinity Challenge’?

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