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OFFROAD’s G.I faints upon seeing a ghost while filming their reality show

on April 29, 2013

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Posted At: Thursday, April 25, 2013 9:33 AM
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Subject: OFFROAD’s G.I faints upon seeing a ghost while filming their reality show


OFFROAD‘s G.I. surprised everyone by suddenly fainting while filming their SBS MTV reality show ‘OFFROAD, The Adventure‘.

During the filming of the upcoming episode of ‘OFFROAD, The Adventure’, the boys visited a ‘ghost town’ in Australia and upon seeing what he thought was a ghost present in an abandoned house, G.I suddenly fainted. This came about when the members were given the mission find hidden items in the ghost town.

G.I initially mentioned that he frequently sees ghosts, and went about looking confident at first. However, he started to look cautious and uncomfortable when upon nearing a certain house. Once he entered the house, he suddenly fainted, putting everyone into panic. He woke up a few hours later sharing, “I have no memory of fainting.”

The filming crew commented, “When G.I fainted, all of the staff were so shocked that the filming was paused. Fortunately, G.I. came back to consciousness shortly after. We thought about his health first and decided to cancel filming for the entire day but G.I. kept insisting that we continue filming. It seems like his body was weak due to the tight overseas schedule so we felt bad.”

This episode will broadcast on the 25th at 11 PM KST, so tune in for the full story.

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