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Jun Ji Hoo reveals he and Gyuri had a lot of kiss scenes for ‘Nail Salon Paris’

on April 29, 2013

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Subject: Jun Ji Hoo reveals he and Gyuri had a lot of kiss scenes for ‘Nail Salon Paris’


So just what were the most memorable scenes for actor Jun Ji Hoo while shooting the new drama ‘Nail Salon Paris‘?

It turns out they were the kiss scenes with co-star KARA‘s Gyuri! The cast of the new drama held a press conference on the 26th at the Seoul Yeouido CGV. When the MC asked him about the most memorable scenes, Jun Ji Hoo shared, “There were a lot of kiss scenes. So there were many awkward moments.” The MC then responded in confusion, “I don’t understand how kiss scenes can be difficult. Don’t you just do it?”

Jun Ji Hoo tried to explain, “There were a lot so for each individual kiss, we didn’t know what level of emotions we should show, so it was tough.” When the MC asked how many actual kiss scenes were shot, the actor commented, “According to my memory, there were four actual. However, because we kept filming them repeatedly, I remember it as being a whole lot.”

Gyuri will play the role of Hong Yuh Joo who is an internet fiction writer who cross dresses to work at ‘Nail Salon Paris’. Jun Ji Hoo will play the role of the heartthrob nail artist, Alex, who also works at the salon.

‘Nail Salon Paris’ will premiere on May 3 at 11 PM KST!

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