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Shin Dong Yup reveals his daughter wants them to join ‘Star Junior Show’

on April 26, 2013

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Posted At: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 7:52 PM
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Subject: Shin Dong Yup reveals his daughter wants them to join ‘Star Junior Show’


Comedian Shin Dong Yup revealed that his daughter is hooked on popular variety shows featuring celebrities and their children.

During the latest episode of E-channel‘s ‘Brave Reporters‘, Shin Dong Yup shared, “My daughter not only watches ‘Dad! Where Are You Going?‘ but ‘Star Junior Show‘ as well. She always tells me, ‘Let’s also go on ‘Star Junior Show’ together,” and added that his daughter memorized all the names of the children on the show. She’s also fond of the show’s MCs Lee Kyung Kyu and Kim Kook Jin.

Shin Dong Yup couldn’t stop smiling while talking about his daughter, leading a reporter to call him a ‘daughter fool’ to which the comedian jokingly responded, “I am intentionally doing this because there are cameras around,” bring laughter on set.

How do you think he would do on the show?

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