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Fwaney (Lee Hwan Hee) tears up recalling her 11 years as a trainee

on April 26, 2013

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Posted At: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 4:26 PM
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Subject: Fwaney (Lee Hwan Hee) tears up recalling her 11 years as a trainee


Lee Hwan Hee (Fwaney), who is known as a former Girls’ Generation trainee and Seohyun‘s close friend, finally made her debut last year. The singer teared up as she recalled her 11 years as a trainee.

During the latest filming of MBC Every1‘s ‘Stress Out‘, Fwaney shared, “I am thankful to my family who believed in me and looked after me for the past 11 years.” She shed tears as she opened up about the hardships she went through during that time, which touched MCs Jo Hye Ryun and Shin Bong Sun.

Fwaney was accepted through an audition into SM Entertainment back in 2002 and was preparing to make her debut as a member of Girls’ Generation when she suddenly left the agency in 2007.

She recently made her return with her 2nd single “Monroe’s Heel“.

Catch this episode on the 24th at 9PM KST!

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