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A Cube Entertainment responds to questions raised about Yookyung’s departure from A Pink

on April 26, 2013

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Subject: A Cube Entertainment responds to questions raised about Yookyung’s departure from A Pink


With the sudden news of Yookyung leaving A Pink, fans have been raising questions regarding the true nature of her departure.

A Cube Entertainment previously announced through a press release that the idol had decided to leave after much thought to focus on her education. Since then, there have been questions and speculations flooding in regarding Yookyung’s admittance into university as well as if she voluntarily left or if the agency decided on her departure.

Regarding the speculations about whether Yookyung had received special treatment when accepted into her university, A Cube Entertainment shot down the rumors, commenting, “The person who is having the most difficult time right now is Yookyung, but even then, there are rumors and speculations pouring in about her university admittance… Yookyung took the same steps and process as other students, and it was not through special admittance.”

In addition, two ambiguous posts, from whom netizens speculate to be Yookyung’s father, caused questions about whether Yookyung’s leave really is actually to focus on studies or whether she was kicked out.


The posts read, “Since we live only once, we shouldn’t betray [one
another]. It will come back to us like a boomerang. That’s how the world works,”
and “@yookyunggom Thank you for these past times.. and sorry about you having to work hard to run ‘hongyookyungdotcom’. It will be hard for Yookyung too. Just suddenly received the notice a month ago… Please be healthy and become successful.”

Since the posts left things up for interpretation due to their ambiguous nature, some fans raised questions about whether the first post was referring to Yookyung’s leave and whether “just suddenly received the notice a month ago” meant that Yookyung and her family were suddenly notified by the agency of their decision to replace her. However, others also took it to mean that Yookyung’s father was talking about having received notice from his daughter about her own decision a month ago.

When contacted about these posts and whether this account really belonged to Yookyung’s father, A Cube commented, “It’s something we need to be cautious about.. We have to check into this.” They also added, “After her leave, rumors are following. We’re just worried for Yookyung with all these baseless rumors floating around.”

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate, No Cut News via Nate

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