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Netizens fire back at ‘Sports Seoul’ on their rumor post referring to Suzy

on April 24, 2013

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Subject: Netizens fire back at ‘Sports Seoul’ on their rumor post referring to Suzy


After the release of their article and video regarding a ‘rude and disrespectful’ female idol earlier today, ‘Sports Seoul‘ has become criticized by netizens who say that the media outlet has reported on a random rumor made up by an individual.

As mentioned before, their ‘SS Rumors and Truth‘ segment beeped out Suzy’s name, but they made it far too easy to figure that they were indeed talking about her as the last syllable of the name ended with “zy” and she also had the initial ‘B’ (Bae Suzy).

With the article becoming one of the a popular story on portals, netizens set out to do their own investigation and have reached the conclusion that the media outlet had just relied upon a false rumor created by a man called Choi Chang Ryul, someone whom they say is notorious for creating false rumors, calling them ‘blind item’s or gossip reported by insiders in the financial world.

According to a post on a board being spread around, a netizen starts off the post saying, “The things below are gossip that he wrote up in February, which weren’t floating around anywhere except until he wrote it on his DCInside.”

The one listed under the rumors Choi Chang Ryul spread in February 3rd especially sounded familiar as it said “Girl group member ‘B’ who is being called the trend these days as she’s rising as the ‘nation’s first love’.. With the immense increase in popularity, she’s become immensely rude and is being criticized by reporters and PDs.. In addition to being late to her photoshoots, she also complains if they want to reshoot and even uses profanity.. Writers are apparently having a tough time as well because of her dirty mentality.”

The netizen continues stating that Choi Chang Ryul is ruining the reputation of celebrities with his false rumors that gain much attention due to netizens’ curiosity at anything that is labeled as a blind item or gossip.

So with the netizen investigative squad at full force and the posts about Choi Chang Ryul making its way around, ‘Sports Seoul’s article is gaining criticism on various boards and forums,as well as on the comments section of the article as well. One netizen wrote in response on the article’s Naver portal link, “Reporters even Ctrl+C Ctrl+V from DCInside stuff now? Keke is it even worth it to respond to articles like this? They even made a random rumor into an article and even made a video keke, seems like you put in so much effort keke How much do they pay you when you do things like this?”, while another encouraged JYP to take legal action..


Source: Sports Seoul via Naver & Nate, Bestiz board

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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