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Akdong Musician compare SM-YG-JYP and reveal their decision making process

on April 24, 2013

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Posted At: Thursday, April 18, 2013 12:15 AM
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Subject: Akdong Musician compare SM-YG-JYP and reveal their decision making process


K-Pop Star 2‘ winners Akdong Musician opened up about their decision making process for choosing which of the ‘big three’ agencies to join during a press conference held on April 17.

Lee Soo Hyun shared, “To be honest, we spent a week at each agency training for ‘K-Pop Star 2‘. SM has a clean yet very refined style. In YG, right when you walk in you can just instantly see that it’s cool. Their artists and building are all very cool. JYP is really like a family atmosphere. They meet with you personally and give you mentoring, warmly welcoming us. The three agencies have such different colors so we are considering this decision very carefully.”

The duo also revealed their standards for choosing an agency sharing, “Overall, we are thinking of an agency who contemplates and loves our music together with us. We hope we choose an agency that teaches us a lot and fills the areas where we are lacking. We are thinking about it carefully and are trying to listen to all the advice given to us.”

Akdong Musician will return to Mongolia for a temporary vacation before making their final decision on which agency to join.

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