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Taecyeon and Gui Gui enjoy an amusement park date

on April 20, 2013

From: pkdance
Posted At: Tuesday, April 16, 2013 8:00 AM
Posted To: 5.koreamusica
Conversation: music@korea
Subject: Taecyeon and Gui Gui enjoy an amusement park date


We Got Married (World)‘ couple 2PM‘s Taecyeon and Gui Gui had fans pouting with envy with the reveal of more snapshots of themselves enjoying their date at an amusement park.

The two reached out to their own set of followers by individually uploading the pics with Gui Gui sharing on her Weibo, “Look at how excited I am today”, glowing with happiness as she went matchy-matchy with her yellow bow and yellow blazer. Taecyeon also shared his adorable look for the day on his own Twitter, while writing, “Currently filming ‘We Got Married (World)’ at Everland”.

Fans also spotted the handcuff-like object hanging from Gui Gui’s wrist, which left them to wonder if she and Taecyeon had been walking around linked by the item.

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