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Bang Yong Guk releases music clip “T”

on April 20, 2013

From: jennywill
Posted At: Tuesday, April 16, 2013 12:03 AM
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Subject: Bang Yong Guk releases music clip “T”


Bang Yong Guk has released a new music clip titled “T” on his tumblr account.

It’s the third song he’s uploaded since his first “Sacramental Confession and his second “Q.

The audio clip features Bang Yong Guk’s rap vocals and leisure acoustic instrumentals. It’s likely that the song is the idol’s own creation as he’s known to have written the rap lyrics in all of B.A.P’s songs. He also had a hand in composing songs on their debut album ‘Warrior‘.

Listen to the clip below!

Tip: Bang Simpson

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