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Agencies of Tony An and Hyeri both confirm dating report + official statement from Dream Tea

on April 20, 2013

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Subject: Agencies of Tony An and Hyeri both confirm dating report + official statement from Dream Tea


With the release of Sports Seoul‘s report, agencies of both Tony An and Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri have confirmed the dating report to various media outlets over the phone, as well as releasing an official statement through Twitter in Dream Tea Entertainment‘s case. They both commented that although it is true that they’ve gone on dates, both agencies stress that the two stars are still getting to know each other and have only been seeing each other since March.

Tony’s agency, TN Entertainment, confirmed over the phone, “Tony and Hyeri started to meet in March… They’re currently getting to know one another,” and “It’s true that they’re seeing each other. It’s been about 2 months now, so it’s hard to call it a ‘relationship’ at the moment. They are getting to know each other with fond feelings.”

In addition to their confirmation over the phone, Dream Tea has also revealed their official statement through Girl’s Day’s Twitter. The statement read,

“We bow our heads and send our apologetic hearts for all the fans, whom we’ve caused concern, due to the issue regarding Hyeri. First of all, we are sorry to the fans that we, the agency, weren’t already aware of the two meeting one another.

After confirming with Hyeri, we have learned that the two previously were of sunbae-hoobae relationship, but in March, during the early stage of Girl’s Day’s full length album comeback, [Hyeri] was contacted about seeing each other, and attracted to his gentle nature and kind manners, they met a couple of times and talked with one another.

From what we know, they’ve exchanged advices and consolations about their daily lives and the entertainment industry. Hyeri is currently having a hard time due to all the attention upon the two.

We request that assumptions and exaggerated stories do not come about from all of you and the media, and we once again apologize for worrying fans.”

Source: Dailian, Kyungjae, Girl’s Day Twitter

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