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Tablo features in SALT’N PAPER (MYK)’s album

on April 16, 2013

From: jennywill
Posted At: Thursday, April 11, 2013 3:09 AM
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Subject: Tablo features in SALT’N PAPER (MYK)’s album


Epik High‘s Tablo will be featuring in SALT’N PAPER‘s album!

He featured in the song “Love Strong” off of the solo singer’s first EP, titled ‘SALT’N PAPER First‘. It’s the first time the pair have worked together since 2009 on Epik High’s 6th album. SALT’N PAPER is a one-man band created by Korean American artist MYK (Michael Kim), who used to have the nickname ‘Epik High’s unofficial 4th member’. He’s known Tablo for around 10 years now, as they first met in 2005 when SALT’N PAPER first came to Korea from the United States.

Since then, SALT’N PAPER has participated in Epik High’s albums continuously, including 3 songs in their 3rd album, and even creating the Map the Soul label together.

SALT’N PAPER’s label Dream Factory stated, “Tablo wanted to support SALT’N PAPER for his rebirth into the modern rock genre that was completely different from the hip hop he used to do, so Tablo participated happily in his first album. Thanks to Tablo’s featuring, we were able to create such a high quality album.

Check out the teaser of SALT’N PAPER’s mini album below! You can hear snippets of “Love Strong” with Tablo at 1:55 below. The mini-album is slated for release on April 16.

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