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B1A4′s Gongchan confesses he’s never kissed anyone b efore

on April 16, 2013

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Subject: B1A4′s Gongchan confesses he’s never kissed anyone before


B1A4‘s maknae Gongchan revealed that he had the most innocent lips in the group.

The members of B1A4 were guests on the April 9 installment of MBC Music‘s ‘All the K-Pop‘. Before the boys came out, the staff went out in the streets to ask fans to vote for who they thought had the most ‘innocent lips’. The member with the most votes turned out to be Sandeul, who had 101 votes. Second was CNU with 61 votes, Gongchan was third with 50, then Baro with 48 votes, and leader Jinyoung ranked last with 32 votes. For choosing Sandeul as #1, fans reasoned, “He looks the most innocent” and “He looks like he’s never dated anyone before“.

However, the boys confessed that looks can be deceiving. The members were then asked to list the age where they had their first kiss. Jinyoung had his first kiss at 17, CNU and Baro had theirs at 15, and Sandeul had his when he was 18. Gongchan was the only member to reveal that he’d never kissed before!

He confessed, “I’ve only seen it in movies“. As a hilarious gift, the staff of ‘All the K-Pop’ gave him a CD containing footage of kissing scenes.

Check out the episode below! The segment begins around 13:00.

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