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Lee Seung Gi praises Suzy’s action-movie prowess

on April 12, 2013

From: MountainMadman
Posted At: Monday, April 08, 2013 5:35 AM
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Subject: Lee Seung Gi praises Suzy’s action-movie prowess


It seems that miss A‘s Suzy is someone you don’t want to get on your bad side, according to Lee Seung Gi.

“We didn’t have much time to prepare,” he said on the latest episode of MBC‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘, discussing their work together on an action scene. “We were afraid that we wouldn’t be able to pull it off, or that someone would get hurt.”

“Normally, we do kicks so that it comes out good on camera. But Suzy was actually aiming for the body,” he said. “She really wants to knock the person down. We were all surprised.”

Suzy didn’t deny his startling reports, saying, “my father was a tae kwon do instructor, so I did learn a bit.”

Lesson for today, Suzy fans – being her sasaeng fan is probably a bad idea.

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