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Jaejoong holds a concert for 4,000 fans at his concert in Nanjing

on April 12, 2013

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Subject: Jaejoong holds a concert for 4,000 fans at his concert in Nanjing


After putting on wonderful performances with JYJ at the Tokyo Dome, Jaejoong set his focus back on his ‘Your, My, and Mine‘ Asia Tour.

After the conclusion of the Tokyo Dome concerts, he fly right away to Nanjing, China where he met up with 4,000 fans at the Nanjing Olympics Center. He was in tiptop condition even though he had 3 grueling concerts in a row just 2 days prior.

At the solo tour event, he held a mini talk, a quiz show, and a speed quiz program. When asked, “When are you planning on getting married?“, he answered, “When I’m about 38“. When asked, “How do you feel about women that are heavier than you?“, he earned the cheers of the fans by answering, “I like slightly chubby women compared to women that are too thin.

He cooked ramen tteokbokki for his fans and during the concert, he performed the “Gwiyomi Song” and “Kiss B“, a bonus song from his repackaged album. He also sang the rock songs from his sunbaes such as “Even Though I Loved You” and “For You“. When asked, “You must be tired because you came right after your Japanese concert. How do you want your Nanjing fans to support you on?“, he answered with a smile, “I want you to support me in a specific way. For me, it’s enough if you are all safe. I’m always thankful.

He’ll be traveling to Taiwan for his next tour stop on the 13th.

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