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Robert Downey Jr. thinks Noh Hong Chul is his doppelganger?

on April 10, 2013

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Subject: Robert Downey Jr. thinks Noh Hong Chul is his doppelganger?


Actor Robert Downey Jr. recently visited Korea as the very first stop for his ‘Iron Man 3‘ world tour.

While in Korea, he conducted an interview with KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘ where the Hollywood actor revealed, “Half way through the filming, I suffered an ankle injury. I also requested to promote in Korea first.” When asked what has changed in Korea in the past five years, he shared, “Korean movie directors have become more well-known and there is no one that doesn’t know Psy. There have been many instances in which remakes of Korean movies have been made in Hollywood.”

The actor was also shown a poster of Noh Hong Chul in an ‘Iron Man’ suit and stated, “Oh my God! We really look alike. His mustache is very handsome. It’s quite impressive.”

Robert Downey Jr. also gave a short message in Korean to the viewers, simply stating, “‘Iron Man 3′ is awesome.”

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